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The Heloise, a square rigged ship, was built in Scarborough, Maine, USA in 1835. She was bought by Joh. Lange Sohn's Wwe. & Co. of Bremen in 1838 for the tobacco trade.

The Heloise made only one voyage to Australia with emigrants. Under command of Captain Jan Beckmann, she left Bremerhaven on 12 October 1846. with 214 passengers,including more than one hundred children. She arrived at Port Adelaide on 17 March 1847.

The Heloise departed for Batavia on 26 Apr 1847.

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Passenger List

No official passenger list has been located for the Heloise. The list below is based mainly on a newspaper report and the detective work of HFW Proeve whose passenger list can be found in the book With Pride - The Menzels of Hoffnungsthal 1847-1984 [1]. A similar list appears in the Huf family history [8] which also contains further details of the voyage.

Many of the immigrants from the Heloise settled initially in Hoffnungsthal and later in the Western district of Victoria [2, 8].


Cabin Passengers
BAYER, Dr [8,10,13]
John Frederick Charles (ca 1815) surgeon
BEDDIES [8,13]
Johann Heinrich Friedrich (Carl), merchant from Hamburg
van DOUSSA [8.10,13]
Alfred Louis Emil (1818) agriculturalist from Detmold
MENKENS [8,10,13]
Johann Hermann (ca 1829) merchant
PAPPE [8,10,13]
Friedrich Daniel, merchant from Hamburg

Steerage Passengers (total 198)
ANDERS [1,8,10,13]
Franz (ca 1810) cabinetmaker from Breslau, Silesia
BIERWIRTH [1,8,13]
Carl, carpenter
BOCK [1,8,13]
Johann Carl Friedrich (ca 1811), miner

Sophia Caroline Louise nee SCHMIDT (ca 1822)
  ......Theodor Henry Ernest (ca 1834)

......Carl Friedrich (ca 1836)

......Carl Heinrick Hermann (ca 1839)

......Johann Carl Wilhelm (ca 1842)
CALLE [1,8,10,13]
Mr, miner
DREYER [1,8,13]
Mr, miner


DREYER [1,8,13] mother of above
DREYER [1,8,13] cousin of above
DUNEKE [1,8,13]

FALKENBURG [1,2,5,8,13] Gottlieb Ackerbauer (1823), servant of Joseph Christian NOSKE
FIRNHABER [1,8,10,13]
Carl Eduard (1805) gold- and silversmith

Elisabeth Sophie nee STUCKENSCHMIDT (1811)

......Caroline Elisabeth (ca 1844)

......Moritz Bernhard Hermann (ca 1847)
FISCHER [1,8,13]
Georg, miner

Caroline nee FEUERRIEGEL (ca 1822)



GOPP [1,8,10,13]
miner, brother to below
GOPP [1,8,13]
miner, brother to above
GRÜN [1,8,10,13]
Johann Georg, farmer

Marthalina nee KOELLER

..... Johanna Francisca (1847)
HAEUSLER [1,3,8,10,13]
Johann Georg (1786) from Neckla-Hauland, Posen

Christian nee BAUM (1801)

......Johann Friedrich (ca 1820)

......Johann Gottfried (1824)

......Anna Rosina (1826)

......Caroline (1832)
......Anna Elizabeth (1834)

......Friedrich Wilhelm (1836)

......Carl August (1839)

......Christina (1840)

......Juliane (1843)
HARMS [1,8,10,13] Mrs Anna, widow, cook
HERBERGER [1,7,8,13] Carl Heinrich (1823) miner from St Andreasberg, Hannover
  Wihelmina nee KUTCHER (1824)
HERMANN [1,8,10,13] Leopold (1823) farmer from Posen, brother to below
HERMANN [1,8,13] Mr, labourer, brother to above
HOFFMANN [1,8,10,13]
Georg Christoph, miner


Wilhelm Robert (ca 1847)
HOLFS [1,8,13]
Mr, miner


HÜBNER [1,8,10,13]
Johann Gottlieb (1810) carpenter

Amalie Theresa nee ALTENTHALER (1815)

......Berthold Gustaph Robert (1843)

......Oswald Gottlieb Emil (1845)
HUF [1,2,8,10,13]
Johann (1803)

Anna Christina nee GRÜNING (1812)

......Anna Caroline (1836)

......Friedrich Peter (1840)

......Johann (1843)

......August Ludwig (1847, born at sea)
KUEHN [1,3,8,10,13]
Christoph from Neckla-Hauland, Posen
Anna Rosine (1816)
.....Ludwig (ca 1836)
KIRCHNER [1,2,8,10,13]
Friedrich Ernst (1803)

.....Wilhelm Heinrich (1831)

.....Friedrich Alexander (1836)

Charlotte nee POKRANDT (1815)

.....Johann (1841)

.....Ludwig Benjamin (1845)
KLEINITZ [1,8,10,13] Wilhelm


KRIEG [1,8,10,13] Carl Ferdinand (1816) from Neckla-Hauland, Posen

Anna Elisabeth nee LESKE (1827)

.....Pauline (1844)
KRIEG [1,2,8,10,13] Johann Christoph (1811)

Anna Julianna nee HERRMANN formerly HUF (1806)

.....Carl Wilhelm HUF (1832)

.....Johann Gottlieb HUF (1834)



.....Frederika Blondina Emilie (1842)
LESKE [1,8,10,13] Samuel Gottfried Johann (1802) from Neckla-Hauland, Posen

Anna Dorothea nee MIBUS (1801)

......Anna Elisabeth (1827)

......Gottfried Johann (1831)

......Anna Paulina (1836)

......Carl August (1842)

......Anna Julianna (1846)
LESKE [1,13] Christoph
LIERSCH [10,11]
Johann Georg (1818) farmer from Neelow, Posen, brother of Wilhelm
LIERSCH [8,10,11,13]
Wilhelm (1816) farmer from Thirgau, Posen

Anna Louisa nee REEPSCHLAGER (1825)

.....Emilia (1845)

.....Henriette (1846)
LINDNER [1,8,13] Johann Dienegott (1820) from Wreschen, Posen

Anna Luise nee HERRMANN (1822)

.....Emilie (1844)

.....Leopold (1846)
LORENZ [1,13] Anna, spinster
MACZOWIAK [1,4,8,13] Anton (1817)

Anna Eleonore Wilhelmine nee KRIESE (1821)

......Henriette Charlotte (1843)
MENGLER [1,8,10,13] Johann Georg Carl Ernst (1816) miner from Lautenthal, Hanover
MENGLER [1,8,10,13] Carl Heinrich Christian, miner from Lautenthal, Hanover
MENZEL [1,8,10,13] Christian (1791)

....Johann Gottlieb (1823)

.....Michael (1826)

.....Johann (1829)

Maria Dorothea nee RICHTER

.....Wilhelm (1833)

.....Daniel (1834)

.....Karl August (1837)

.....Anna Elisabeth (1839)

.....Pauline (1839)

.....Emelie (1842)

.....Friedrich (1844)
MENZEL [1,13] sister of Christian
MERTON [1,8,13] Heinrich Siegesmund

Anna Dorothea nee PANIAS

MIBUS [1,2,8,10,13] Johann (1816)

Dorothea nee HUF (1816)

.....Carl (1840)

.....Ludwig (1842)

.....Johann (1844)

.....Caroline (1846)
MIBUS [1,8,10,13] Gottlieb (1807) from Nekla Hauland, Posen

Anna Juliane nee NUSKE (1812)
MOEBUS [8,10,13]
Carl Friedrich August (1830) shoemaker from Neumark, Brandenburg
MONIKES [1,8,13] Johann Hermann, labourer
NOSKE [1,7,8,10,13] Joseph Christian (1802) from Nekla Hauland, Posen

Henriette nee GRAEGER (1818)

.....Friedrich (1833)

.....Carl (1835)

NOSKE [1,2,8,13] Christoph (1811)

.....Ludwig (1837)

.....Henriette (1838)

.....Pauline (1840)

Louise nee NUSKE (1815)

.....Juliane Johanna (1846)
NOSKE [1,8,10,13] Samuel (1800)

Anna Rosina nee NUSKE (1806)

.....Juliane (1836)

.....Julius (1839)

.....Gottlieb (1841)
.....Gustav Gottfried (1843)
NUSKE [1,8,13] Johann Gottlieb (1817) brother in law of Gottlieb MIBUS
OLANE [1,8,12,13] August, librarian




OLANE [1,8,13] Geager, labourer
ORDEMANN [1,8,10,13] Conrad (ca 1819) butcher and sausage maker
OSSIG [9,13]
Carl Gottfried (ca 1784)

.....Johann Gottfried (ca 1821)

.....Johann Christoph (ca 1831)

.....Karl Friedrich (1832)

PAPPEN [8,10,13]
Fredrick George (ca 1807) clerk from Hamburg
RATHKE [1,8,10,13] Johann Christoph (ca 1810) from Berlin

Anna Rosina nee WEIDMANN (1814)

.....Friedrich Wilhelm Albert (1840)

.....Louise Mathilda (1847)
SCHACHE [1,8,13] Johann Gottlob from Lamcken near Guhren, Silesia

Maria Henrietta Dorothea nee RÖHR
SCHACH [1,8.10,13] Anna Dorothea (1812, married von DOUSSA in May 1847)
SCHACH [1,3,7,8,13] Anna Elisabeth (ca 1820) from Lanken, Silesia
SCHLAMELGER [1,8,10,13] Wilhelm Friedrich, miner



SCHOENING [1,8,10,13] Caspar Heinrich, shoemaker
SCHULTZ [1] Mr, mason
SCHULTZ [1,8,13,13] Johann Samuel (1814) farmer

Anna Rosina nee MUELLER (1821)

.....Johanne Juliane (1841)

.....Caroline (1843)

.....Johann August (1845)
SEMMLER [1,8,10,13] Johann (1813)

Anna Dorothea nee SIEFERT (1813)

.....Gottlieb (1840)

.....Ludwig (1841)

.....Julianna (1842)

.....Friedrich (1846)
SOFT [1,8,13] Mr

SPOEHR [1,8,13] August Friedrich Wilhelm (1814) miner

Sophie Christiane Charlotte nee EHRHARDT (1817)
SPEHER [1,8,10,13] Heinrich Friedrich, miner

Friederike Sophie Henriette nee WASCHE

.....Heinrich Christian Nathaniel (1835)

.....Emilie Friederike Ottilie (1841)
WILKOWSKY [1,8,10,13] Jacob

WRUCK [1,8,13] ?, cloth weaver

ZADOW [1,8,10,13] Gottfried (1802)

Anna Susanna nee KUEHN (1812)

.....Johann Ludwig (1836)

.....Friedrich (1842)
  .....Christoph (1843)
.....Hermine Maria (1846)

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Newspaper Reports

The South Australian (Adelaide, SA)

Friday, 19 March, 1847

The arrival of three large ships from Europe within the present week - two of them with emigrants numbering in all upwards of four hundred souls - has been hailed with great satisfaction by the colonists. The Bremen ship Heloise brings a large number of the better class of the German peasantry. They have all paid their own passage, and they bring, we are informed, more money than the emigrant ship has for years imported. They are healthy, and respectable people, and we doubt not they will do well.

Friday, 19 March, 1847

Shipping Intelligence
The Bremen ship Heloise, Captain Beckmann, 155 days from Bremen. Passengers - Dr. Bayer, Physician to the ship, Messrs. Menkens, Doussa, Beddies, Monikes, Pappe, and 198 others, viz: 1 mason, 1 shoemaker, 1 gold and silver smith, 1 butcher and sausage-maker, 1 miller, 1 cloth weaver, 2 cabinet makers, 40 farmers and labourers, 14 miners, 6 female servants, 38 married women and 103 children.

Friday, 19 March, 1847

Cargo of the Heloise, from Bremen - 10 pieces battens, 140 planks, 2 piano-fortes, 2 cases and 1 package, 40 cases wine.

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA)

Saturday, 20 March, 1847

Since our last, we have had the Bleng, from London (26th November), and the Heloise, from Bremen (12th October), with 204 German emigrants of a very superior class, comprising farmers, miners, and artizans, with their wives and children, and many respectable unmarried females.

Wednesday, 24 March, 1847

Passengers by the Heloise, reported in our last : - Doctor Bayer, Mr Menkens, Mr D. Doussa, Mr Menkens, merchant, from Oldenburgh; Mr V. Doussa, agriculturist, from Prussia ; Mr Beddies, merchant, from Hamburgh; Mr Pappe, merchant, from Hamburgh, in the cabin. Monikes, labourer; Schaltz, mason; Schoening, shoemaker; Fernhaber, gold and silver smith, wife and 2 children ; Ordemann, butcher and sausage maker ; Anna Harms, a young widow and cook ; August Olane, librarian, wife and 3 children ; Geager Olane, labourer ; Schach, miller, and wife ; Schach, sisters, unmarried; Anna Lorenz, a young unmarried woman; Ossig Lorenz, father, and 4 grown up sons; George Green, an experienced farmer, and wife; Wruck, clothweaver; Hubner, cabinet-maker, wife and 2 children; Auders, cabinet-maker; Schulz, an experienced farmer, wife and 3 children; Gottlieb Nubus, marble mason, wife and brother-in-law; Christoph Nuske, wife and 4 children; Martin, wife and child; Caviac, wife and child; Huff, wife and 4 children; Semmler, wife and 4 children; Samuel Nuske, wife and 3 children; Christ Nuske, wife and 4 children, with Falsenburg, as servant; Heusler, wife and 9 children; Leske. wife and 5 children; Kean, wife and 2 children; Charles Krieg, wife and child; Lindner, wife and 2 children; Soft and wife; Kirchner, wife and 3 children; Zadow and 4 children; Holfe, wife and child; W. Tiersch, wife and child; G. Tiersch and wife; Wilkowsky and wife ; Duneke and wife ; Mibus, wife and 3 children; Mengel, wife, sister, and 10 children; John Krieg, wife and 5 children; Hermann, two brothers, labourers; Kleinitz, wife and child; Ratka, wife and 3 children; August Spare, miner, from Clausthal, and wife ; Henry Spare, miner, from ditto, wife and 2 children; Bock, miner, wife and 4 children; Herberger, miner, and wife ; Schlamelger, miner, wife and 2 children; Gopp, two brothers, miners ; Calle, miner; Dreyer, miner, mother, cousin, and 2 children ; Mengler, two brothers, miners; Hofman, miner, and wife; Fischer, miner, wife and 3 children ; and Bierwirth, in the steerage.

The Adelaide Observer (Adelaide, SA)

Saturday, 20 March, 1847

On board the Heloise from Bremen there were six births and six deaths, namely, four young children, an aged woman named Anna Roena Sighdon (in her 85th year), and a young sailor named Pelser Kerter, aged 20, who fell overboard before the ship was under canvas.

The ship was well provisioned with provisions, and even potatoes were served out to the passengers for 50 days after sailing.

We understand also that the Heloise brings Mr Meyer, a gentleman who came out to the colony by the last vessel from Germany, and is now established as a merchant in Adelaide, the credentials of his appointment as Consul in South Australia for the Kingdom of Hanover.

1980 Yearbook, Lutheran Church of Australia, page 39
Letters from Germans Domiciled in New Holland
Klemzig near Adelaide
January 9, 1848
Dear Herr Delius,
I much appreciate the fact that you have not forgotten me, and also include some news of my relatives. Your letters of April 27 and July 20, 1847, I received safely. The ships 'Beckerath' and 'Gellert' out of Bremen have arrived here safely shortly after each other, although the 'Gellert' should have sailed four weeks later. The passengers on the 'Gellert' are, as I hear, very happy with their voyage. This surprised myself and my family, for in the 'Heloise' we had a very long voyage with many terrible storms in the Indian Ocean. Yet I cannot omit to mention that Captain Beckmann, a truly seasoned and skilful sailor, managed his ship with the greatest conscientiousness. Next to God's protection, only his care in the application of all his experience and seamanship is the cause of our safe arrival.; I shall always think of him with the greatest respect... [the rest of the letter concerns living conditions in the new colony]

I remain your obedient servant,

August Klaehn,
formerly bookseller in Glogau.

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