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View of Cos' [i.e. Company's] fishing station
                    and Cape Rosetta, Encounter Bay, South Australia,
                    taken from the beach [picture] / Colonel Light del.

Final resting place of the Solway
View of South Australian Company's fishing station and Cape Rosetta, Encounter Bay, South Australia

By permission of the National Library of Australia

The Solway (337 tons om), a 3 masted ship, was built in1829 at Monkwearmouth Shore mear Sunderland in England and owned by the South Australian Company [4].

Under the command of captain R Pearson, The Solway departed Hamburg in 9 June 1837 and arrived at Kangaroo Island, South Australia on 16 October 1837.

The Solway broke moorings and was wrecked during a storm in Rosetta Harbour, Encounter Bay on 21Dec 1837.

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Passenger List
The passenger list comes largely from Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885 [1] and is augmented by data from various web sites.


Ships Surgeon

BAGANS [5,8]
Johann Frederick
BAUER [1,5,8] Carl Leonard Friedrich (1808) baker
BREMER [1,5,8] Lanritz (1808)



Johann Gottlieb (1808)

Karoline (ca 1816)

.....Johann Gottlieb (1837)
Friedricke Wilhelmine (1813, sister of Johann Gottlieb Snr)
DEBUS [1,5,8] Johann Christian Philip (1803) joiner



DIESE [5,8]
DREBING [1,5,8] August Heinrich, labourer
DRESE [1,5,8]
Louis, labourer
FLEIM [1,5,8] Georg (1815) labourer
FORTSCH [1,5,8] Conrad (1806) labourer from Bavaria



GRAMP [1,8]
Johann (1819)
unknown male

Auguste nee TRIGLAFF

.....son (ca 1829)

.....son (ca 1831)

.....son (ca 1832)
HANSON [1,8]
Louis (1813) from Heligoland
HAUSER [1,5,8]
Wilhelm Jacob (1814) labourer
HUTSCH [1,5,8]
K, labourer
KLEEMANN [1,5,7,8] Friedrich Wilhelm (1798)

Maria nee HELM (died on voyage - 13 Oct 1837)

.....August Wilhelm (1828)

.....Heinrich Ferdinand (1830)

.....Wilhelmine Friedericke (1832)

.....Emilie Albertina Ernestine (1834)
KOEHLER [1,5,6] Johann Georg Byer, labourer
KRAMER [1,5,8] Ludwig (1804) labourer
LAGE [5,8] .....David
MILDE [1,2,5,8] Wilhelm (1799) from Hamburg

Catherina Elisabeth nee STEFFENS (1807)
.....Elise Charlotte Wilhelmine (1837, born at sea)
NEANDER [1,5,8]
Wilhelm Gottlieb (1806)


.....Louis (ca 1827)

.....Mark (ca 1834)

OPPEL [1,5,8]
Johann Nicol (1803) labourer
OELRICH [5,8] Friedrich Hermann Otto
PFEIFFER [5,8] Georg Gottlieb
PIPKORN [5,7,8]
David (1805)

Dorothea nee WESTPHAL (ca 1815)
Ulric (ca 1815)
unknown female

SCHMIDT [1,5,8]
Sebastian Anthony (1813) labourer
STURN [1,5,8] Frederick Christian (1813)
Adolph Ludwig (ca 1813)
WALLSCHLAGER [1,5,7,8] Christian Friedrich (1811)
  .....Gottlieb (ca 1830)

.....Hannah Susannah (ca 1832)

Maria nee FÄHRMANN formerly KANNENBERG
  .....Wilhelmine KANNENBERG (1828)
  .....Johanna Louise Friederike KANNENBERG (1831)

.....Carl KANNENBERG (1833)

.....Manasseh (ca 1834)
Marie Luise Wilhelmina (1823, sister of Christian Friedrich)
ZILM [5,8]
Andreas (ca 1887)
ZILM [5,8]
Conrad (ca 1819)

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Newspaper Reports

The South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register (Adelaide, SA)

11th November 1838


October 16. - The barque Solway, 400 tons, from Hamburg to Kangaroo Island, with cargo and 52 German emigrants.

20th January 1838


WE regret exceedingly to record the shipwreck of no less than three vessels - the Sir Charles Macarthy, Duff, South Australian, MacFarlane, and Solway, Pearson.
The Sir Charles Macarthy anchored in what we would call the unsafe part of Glenelg roads, i.e. too near the beach and out of the good holding ground. This was no doubt done for the purpose of landing her cargo with greater ease and expedition; and the result has been that the cargo has been saved, but the ship was caught in a gale from the southwest, in November last, drove from her anchors, and was run on shore. We understand that, without any application to the proper authorities, a survey took place, and the ship was condemned and sold. The hull was purchased by Mr. S. Stephens, and, in a few days after the sale, was got off with very little damage and is now anchored in Nepean Bay. An enquiry into the circumstances attendant upon the loss of this brig ought to take place, as it is generally believed that had she been anchored in a proper place the accident might have been avoided. The loss of the South Australian and the Solway both occurred at the station of the South Australian Company in Encounter Bay, called Rosetta Harbour, about three miles to the westward of Victoria Harbour. From the reports which have reached us we believe that the circumstances attendant upon the loss of both vessels deserve a thorough investigation. Rosetta Harbour is at best but an unsafe anchorage for a single vessel of any size; but there is no security for two at the best season of the year. The South Australian, after waiting upwards of a fortnight in daily expectation of the arrival of the Solway, was caught in a tremendous gale, broke from her moorings, drove over the reef, and was totally lost. The crew and passengers happily escaped. The greatest praise is due to Captain MacFarlane for his conduct on the occasion. A few days afterwards the Solway, Pearson, and John Pirie, Martin, arrived and anchored in the same place. In another very severe southerly gale the Solway broke from her moorings, went upon the same reef which was fatal to the South Australian, and became a total wreck. The John Pirie was driven on shore in a better position, and was expected when the last accounts left to be got off.

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