Lehmann Henschke - Person Sheet
Lehmann Henschke - Person Sheet
NameRATHKE, Anna Lydia
Birth3 Dec 1857, Schoenborn, SA5921
MemoCristoph RATHKE Elenore SOHENSAHOR
Death13 Apr 1918, North Carlton, Vic5909,11231 Age: 60
BurialCoburg, Vic5909
FatherRATHKE, Johann Christoph (1811-1895)
MotherTSCHAENSCHER, Hannah Eleonore (ca1825-1915)
The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Tuesday 15 April 191911231

BELL— In loving memory of my dear sister.
Lydia, who died at Carlton 13th April, 1918; also  
my dear mother. Ellen Ratkey, who died at Albury
30th March, 1915.  

Sleep on, dear ones, and take thy rest,
With the angels and the blessed.
— Inserted by her loving sister and daughter, Mrs.
J. Hosking, Boulder, Western Australia.
ChildrenMary Matilda (1877-1960)
Birthca 1859, Greta, Vic5909
Memonear Wangaratta
Death30 Jun 1937, Granville, NSW5909 Age: 78
Marriage1878, Albury, NSW92547
ChildrenJames William (1880-1954)
 Herbert Edward Bell (1881-1915)
 Charlotte Beatrice (1884-1886)
 Percy John (1885-1946)
 Lionel Ruben Herman (1889-1964)
 Ivy Lydia May (1889-1968)
 Sylvia Leona Rose (1890-1948)
 Gustave Beryl Florence (1891-1961)
 Goulburn Byron (1892-1968)
 George (1893-1893)
 Vera Mabel (1894-)
 Cyrus Ferdinand (1896-1965)
 Clarence Ingamah Hester (1897-1897)
 Lydia Clara Boronia (1898-)
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