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Brief History

    Langmeil was established at the beginning of 1843 and was the second settlement established in the Barossa following Bethany (Bethanien) on land belonging to George Fife Angas.  Many of the sttlers came from Klemzig.

Early Residents

    A list of early residents (landholders) of Langmeil adapted from the 'Acerage and Stock Returns 1844' as published in Allen's Almanac of 1844 [4] is shown below.  The spelling of some names (*) has been corrected accoring to imformation provided in The Barossa - A Vision Realised [5].




Wheat Barley Potatoes Garden Pony Cattle Pigs Goats
Auricht, Christian* 7 1
8 1
Bothe, Gottlob* 10

8 2
Englehardt, Eduard* 4

Heppner, Christian

Lange, Christian 6
1/4 1
4 2
Mattner, Georg*

Milde, Wilhelm 3


Rothe, Christian

Schliefke, Gottlob*



Weimann, John & Jantke, Christian

Warnest G &Wunderleisch Johann 2 1/4 1/4

* Spelling adjusted from original source.  Also listed under Klemzig.

The following names appear on an 1859 plan showing owners of land at Langmeil.  As in Bethany, many of the original settlers appear to have moved on.

Auricht, Christian
Hamdorf, J Gotthilf
Schwartz, J Friedrich
Graetz, Johann Georg
Kaesler, Gottfried
Wilksch, J Gottlob
Traeger, Gottlob
Graefe, Gottlob
Rothe Christian
Schnell, Friedrich
Preiss, Friedrich
Steinwedel, August Wilhelm
Ahrens, Heinrich Gerhardt
Fiedler, J F Ernst

The next list of Langmeil residents appears in Because of their Beliefs [6] and is based on a list of 'some' of the oldest members the congregation of the Langmeil Lutheran Church.  The list is not dated.

Fiedler, J F Ernst
Lange, Christian
Schubert, Christian
Bothe, Gottlob
Fischer, Friedr.
Grocke, Joh. Gottlieb
Schulz Joh. Gottlieb
Hellbig, Joh. Wilh.
Seelander, Gottfried
Bartel Wilh.
Klemke, Joh. Gottlob
Stiller, Joh. Samuel
Schrapel, Joh, Gottlieb
Auricht, Christ.
Wilksch, Wilh.
Rothe, Christ.
Mattner, Johan Georg
Munchenberg, Aug.
Heidrich, Christ. Gottl.
Gratz, Joh. Georg
Hahn, Christ.
Schwartz, Joh. Friedr.
Sporn, Joh.
Lindner, Gottl.
Kriebel, Christ.
Dietrich, Karl Friedr.
Keller, Karl
Kernich, Ernst Gottl.
Till, Mich.
Milde, Wilh.
Aldenhoven, Franz Sophus, Ferd.

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Langmeil Families
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History (Langmeil Winery)
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