Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Lemm and Sophie Amalie Hoff
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        Lemm (nee Hoff ) Biography

    Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Lemm was born in Potsdam in the province of Brandenberg, on 20th October 1791.  His parents were Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Lemm (a "gartner" = small mixed farmer) and Christiane Fräland.   He was baptized on 30 October 1791 at St. Nikolai church in Potsdam.   Little is known of his family or his early life.  He is said to have served in Blucher's army at the battle of Waterloo and to have won an Iron Cross[1, 3].  On 23rd April 1821 he married Sophie Amalie Hoff at St. Nikolai church in Potsdam.  On his marriage record his occupation is given as "zimmergesell"  = journeyman carpenter.
    Sophie Amalie Hoff was born in Potsdam  May on 12th 1798 was the daughter of Johann Christian Hoff and Dorothee Friderike Ziegelmeier.  Johann was also a "gartner".  Sophie Amalie was baptized at St. Nikolai church in Potsdam on 20th May 1798.    
   Wilhelm and Amalie had eight children: Henriette Sophie Amalie (1822-), Heinrich August Wilhelm (1823-1858), Karoline Sophie Amalie (1826-1901), Karl August (1828-1872), Maria Pauline Amalie (1830-1903), Heinrich Gustav (1833-1875), Karl Friedrich (1836-1840) and Adolph Robert.   In 1848 Wilhelm and Amalie and five of their children (Heinrich August Wilhelm, Karoline Sophie Amalie (Lehmann), Karl August, Maria Pauline Amalie and Heinrich Gustav) migrated to South Australia on board the Leontine.
    In South Australia, the Lemm family settled at Hoffnungsthal. Wilhelm was naturalized on November 24, 1852 when his occupation is given as farmer.   In 1853, Wilhelm and Amalie, most of their family now dispersed, moved to New Mecklenburg, near Tanunda, SA to take up residence with their daughter Karoline Sophie Amalie and son-in-law Johann Gottlieb Lehmann and their family.  
    Wilhelm died, aged 79, on 18th September 1871.   Sophie died on aged 82 on 24th April 1881.  Both are buried at Schönborn cemetery (Gomersal).

CFW Lemm Baptism
SA Hoff Baptism
Extracts from baptismal register for Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Lemm and Sophie Amalie Hoff

Schoenborn Cemetery

Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Lemm
Amalie Sophie nee Hoff
Images from Schoenborn Lutheran Cemetery, Schmaal Rd, Gomersal.  Photos taken November 2008.

CFW Lemm Tombstone
              ca 2000

Photo taken ca 2000

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References and Notes

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