Johann Gottlieb Lehmann and Karoline Sophie Amalie Lemm
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J G Lehmann KSA Lehmann (nee
        Lemm) Biography

    Johann Gottlieb Lehmann was born in Gross Rosenburg in the province of Magdeburg, Brandenberg on 18 October 1816 [1].  His parents were Johann Conrad Lehmann (master linen weaver) and Dorothee Elisabeth Hahnge[2,3].   He was baptized in Gross Rosenburg on 27 October 1816.  His godparents were Peter Koenig (master cabinet maker), Johanne Sophie Donath and Gottlieb Becker (helmsman).  He was the youngest of a family of at least seven.   Little is known about his early life.  He joined St. Nikolai Lutheran Church in Potsdam in 1845 where he married Karoline Amalie Sophie Lemm.
    Karoline Sophie Amalie was born at Potsdam on 30 July1826, the daughter of Christian Wilhelm Lemm and Sophie Amalie nee Hoff.  She was baptized at St. Nikolai church in Potsdam on 13 August 1826.  She joined that church as an adult in 1844.
    Gottlieb and Amalie immigrated to South Australia on the Leontine in 1848 as part of an extended family group which comprised their daughter (Louise Bertha Pauline born 1846), Amalie's parents (Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Lemm and Sophie Amalie nee Hoff) and three of her brothers and two sisters.  Also on boad was Johann Christian Koenig, son of Carboule Christian Peter Koenig and Marie Dorothea Lehmann[4].      
    The group settled initially at Hoffnungsthal, SA where three children were born to Gottlieb and Amalie, Johannes Gottlieb (born1850),  Christian Heinrich (born 1851) and Maria Martha (born 1853).
    Gottlieb was naturalized on 28 September 1852.  This enabled him to purchase land.
    With the abandonment of Hoffnungsthal settlement, the Lehmann family moved to Neu Mecklenburg, near Tanunda, SA where a further five children were born, Christian Friedrich Wilhelm (born 1856, baptized in Bethany), Philipp Theodor (born 1858, baptized in Bethany), Karl Gotthold (born 1861baptized in Schönborn), Caroline Sophie Amalie (born 1863, baptized in Schönborn) and Friedrich Siegesmund (born 1867, baptized in Schoenborn).
    Three children are mentioned in the Schönborn family membership register as Gottlieb's wards [5].  Friedrich Heinrich (born 1838), Christoph Heinrich (born 1843) and Rosina Wilhelmina Hinneberg (born 1845), their mother, Gottlieb's sister, Maria Christiana, and their stepfather Adolph Carl Theodor Berkholz had  arrived via Victoria aboard the Malvina Vidal in October 1854.  It is possible that the chidren became Gottlieb's wards following the death of Maria Christiana.   Their  stepfather remarried on 1 July 1856 (to Elizabeth Richards) when he is described as a widower.  Friedrich Heinrich Hinneberg and Johann Christian Koenig (and family) moved to Victoria in May 1856.  Heinrich Christoph moved to Victoria in 1859.  Rosina Wilhelmina moved to Victoria before 1864.

Lehmann home

Lehmann home at Neu Mecklenburg near Tanunda, SA ca. 1892.  From left: Caroline Sophie Amalie, Herbert Wilhelm, Arthur Conrad, Ernst August Wilhelm held by Anna Louise (nee Hoffmann), Norman Edwin, Johann Gottlieb, Gustav Schroeder, Philipp Theodore and Arthur Theodore (on horse).[6]

    Gottlieb died aged 78 on 11 September 1895.   Sophie died on aged 74 on 30 January 1901.  Both are buried at Schönborn cemetery (Gomersal).

JG Lehamnn baptism
KSA Lemm Baptism

Extracts from baptismal register for Johann Gottlieb Lehmann and Karoline Sophie Amalie Lemm

Schoenborn Cemetery

Schoenborn Lutheran Cemetery, Schmaal Rd, Gomersal
Photos taken November 2008
Johann Gottlieb Lehmann
Caroline Sophie nee Lemm

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JGL-KSA Descendants
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References and Notes

[1]  Date given in Schönborn Family membership register (1856-1869) (Lutheran Archives, North Adelaide, SA).  Gross Rosenburg baptismal records give date of birth as October 17th 1816. 
[2]  The data presentend on this site on the ancestors of Johann Gottlieb Lehmann is the result of research by Max Homann.
[3]  Hahnge is spelled Haniche on death certificate.
[4]  Marie(a) Dorothea (nee Koenig) was also believed to be Johann Gottlieb's sister.  However, Maria Dorothea died in Victoria and her parents names are given on her death certificate as Peter Lehmann and Maria Dorothea (nee Lehmann) [7].  An IGI record indicates Maria Dorothea's parents are Peter Lehmann and Maria Dorothea (nee Hinneberg).  This would suggest that Maria Dorothea is not sister to Johann Gottlieb, she is nonetheless still believed to be a relation, possibly an Aunt.  Gross Rosenburg baptismal records show that a Peter Keonig was a godfather of Johann Gottlieb.
[5]  It had been thought the the Hinneberg children arrived in South Australia on the Leontine in 1848.  However, both Friedrich Heinrich and Heinrich Cristoph Hinneberg's naturalisation certificates indicate that they arrived in Victoria in October 1853(4?) on the Malvina Vidal then went to Adelaide in 1854 before returning to Victoria in 1856.  The passenger list of the Malvina Vidal is avalable on line in the Public Record Office Victoria database Unassisted Shipping Index 1852-1911.  This shows the arrival of the Berkholz family (A., wife, 3 children) but does not provide names of wives or children.   Times of arrival in Australia calculated from information provided on the Death dertificates of Friedrich Heinrich and Heinrich Christoph are also consistent with their arrival in SA ca 1854.
[6]  Identification is that given in the Mattners in Australia [7] where this photo appears (p 233).
[7]  Mattner, M.; Ross, D.; Coleman, L. The Mattners in Australia 1839-1980 Mattner family Reunion Committee: Adelaide, 1981.
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[10]  From Prussia to the Barossa edited by WBB Mahfoud (nee Lehmann) Surfers Paradise, Qld, 2017 (pp 53-59).

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Naturalization documents are available on line at the National Archives of Australia web site for Johann Gottlieb Lehmann, Friedrich Heinrich Hinneberg, Heinrich Christoph Hinneberg and Johann Christian Koenig.

Gross Rosenburg, Brandenberg
Saale (Google translation) - click on Gross Rosenburg

Hoffnungsthal, SA
Hoffnungsthal (Barossa Villiages)
Hoffnungsthal, Valley of Hope (Flinders Ranges Research)

Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery, Gomersal (Schoenborn), SA
Johann Gottlieb Lehmann (Billion Graves)
Caroline Sophie Amalie Lehmann (Lemm)


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