Johann Friedrich Koch and Anna Dorothea Baum
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J C Henschke
        and DE (nee Schmidt) Biography

     Johann Friedrich Koch was born in Rackau in the district of Züllichau, Brandenburg on November 18, 1793.  Little is known about his early life [1].   He married Anna Dorothea Baum sometime before 1823.  Three children, Wilhelm August (b 22 Sep 1823), Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (b 10 Dec 1826) and Johanna Louise (b 4 Mar 1830) were born in Rackau and one, Johann Gottlieb (b 25 Aug 1833) was born in Kranz, Posen [1].    
     In 1838 the Koch Family embarked on the Catharina departing Altona in Sep 1838.  They arrived in South Australia on 25 Jan 1839.
     The family settled in initially in Glen Osmond [1] before moving to Klemzig.  In the land returns for Klemzig in 1843, Friedrich is recorded as possessing 19 acres of wheat, 1/4 acre of barley, 1/8 acre potatoes, 2 cattle and 1 goat [6]. Friedrich and Anna's fifth child Johann Christian was born at Klemzig on 7 Apr 1842.  
     Friedrich became an Australian citizen on 24 Aug 1841 and on 31 Aug 1844 purchased land at Rowland Flat and there built his home.  He is recorded as being a member of the congregation of the Lutheran church at Hoffnungsthal .  In 1853, following the decline of Hoffnungsthal, he helped found the Lutheran church at Rowland Flat with the early services, prior to the church being built in 1867,  taking place in his home.
     Johann Friedrich died, aged 74, on 1 Dec 1867 following a stroke.  Dorothea Elisabeth died, aged 91, on 4 Nov 1893.  Both are buried at Rowland Flat cemetery.

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References and Notes

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