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The Catherina, a barque of 350 tons was built at Kiel in 1810.

She departed Hamburg on Friday, 21 Sep 1838 under the command of Peter Schacht and arrived at Port Adelaide, SA on Tuesday, 22 Jan 1839.  She subsequently departed for Batavia on 27 Feb 1939.

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Passenger List

The Catharina departed Hamburg on Friday, 21 September 1838 with about 125 immigrants on board.  She arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia on Tuesday, 22 January 1839.  There were 4 deaths during the voyage.  There is no official passenger list that survives.  The following list is based on those that appear in The Mattners in Australia 1839-1980 [1] (attributed to EA Wittwer) and David Schubert's Kavel's People [2].  These lists were in large part established by Iwain and others from lists of those that immigrated [9].

In the period November 1838 to January 1839 approximately 200 German immgrants arrived in Port Adelaide, South Australia.  They were regious refugess sposored by George Fife Angas and under the leadership of  Pastor August Kavel.   The first to arrive were on the Prince George and the supply ship Bengalee which left in July 1838, arriving at Port Adelaide in November.  Further immigrants arrived on the Zebra which left in August and arrived in December.  The Catharina left in September and in January 1839.  Their story is recounted in David Schubert's Kavel's People [2].

Many of the Catharina passengers settled initially at Glen Osmond.

SCHACHT [1,2] Peter

AURICHT [1,2] Anna Elisabeth (21, sister of Christian) from Klastawe, Posen
AURICHT [1,2] Christian Auricht (32) blacksmith from Turowo, Posen
  Maria Elisabeth nee LOECHEL (30, sister to Mrs KAPPLER)
  .....Johann Christian (6) (later Lutheran pastor)
  .....Johann Gotttried (4)
AURICHT [1,2] Christiane Rosina (19, sister of Christian) maid to the ROTHE family, from Klastawe, Posen
BENSCH [1,2] Samuel Ludwig (38) from Turowo, Posen
[8] Christiane nee HECHT (35)
BOERKE [1,2] Karl Ferdinand, potter (34) from Bentschen, Posen
  Anna Maria nee WUTTKE (35, sister to C.A. Wuttke and Mrs Gallasch)
DRABERT [1,2]* Eva Rosina nee GUICHEN (35)
  .....Maria Elisabeth (17)
FIEDLER [1]* Julius
FLIEGERT [1,2]* Johann Gottlieb (35) from Scharkewald-Hauland, Posen
  Rosa Dorothea nee JAESCHKE (daughter of J.G. JAESCHKE)
  .....Johanne Juliane (3)
GALLASCH[1,2] Johann Joseph (34) weaver from Bentschen, Posen
  Johanne Veronika nee WUTTKE (39, sister of C.A. Wuttke and Mrs Boerke)
  .....Anna Julianne (7)
  .....possibly Anna Caroline (5)
  .....Johann Eduard (4)
GRAETZ [1,2] Johann Georg (44) mason from Bentschen, Posen
  wife died on voyage
  .....Julia (14)
  .....Carl Friedrich Eduard (13)
  .....Rudolph Ferdinand (10)
  .....Carl August (3).
HAHN [1,2] Johann Christian (32) gardener from Brausendorf, Posen
  Maria Elisabeth nee SCHIERS (29)
HAMDORF [7]* Friedrich Gottlieb
HAMDORF [1,2] Christian Wilhelm (brother of Gotthilf) (21) wheelwright from Tirschtiegel, Posen
  Maria Therese nee WUTTKE (21)
  .....Johanne Luise Maria (2 mths)
HAMDORF [1,2] Johann Gotthilf (34, brother of Christian) wheelwright from Tirschtiegel, Posen
  Christiane Wilhelmine nee RONERT (31)
  .....Karoline Emilie (4)
  .....Ernst Wilhelm (1)
HEINRICH [1,2] Johann Gottlob (38) cottager, thread-gatherer
  Anna Rosina nee PFEIFFER (36)
  .....Johanne Juliane (9)
  .....Friedrich Wilhelm (5)
  .....Gustav Adolph (4)
  .....Julius Gotthilf (born at sea)
HINZE [1,2]* Franz Wilhelm
JAESCHKE [1,2] Johann Georg, church elder from Scharkewald-Hauland, Posen
  Dorothea Elisabeth nee HOFFMANN (second wife)
  .....Anna Dorothea (25)
  .....Johann Samuel (19)
  .....Johanne Maria Elisabeth (19)
  .....Johanne Rosina (17)
  .....Johann Dienegott (14)
KAPPLER [1,2,8]  Christian (38) landowner and church elder from Kuschten, Posen
  Dorothea nee LOECHEL (39, sister, to Mrs AURICHT) 
  .....Johann Gottfried (14)
  .....Dorothea Elisabeth (8)
  .....Gottlieb (5)
  .....Johanna Eleonore (2)
KOCH [1,2,3] Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (45) from Rackau, Brandenburg
  Anna Dorothea nee BAUM (36)
  .....Wilhelm August (15)
  .....Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (12)
  .....Johanne Louise (9)
  .....Johann Gottlieb (5)
KRUMMNOW [1,2] Johann Friedrich, teacher
LANGE [1,2] Johann Gottlieb (or Gottlob) (19)
LINKE [1,2]* Johann Gottlob (34, brother to Mrs Rothe) carpenter from Klastawe, Posen
MATTNER [1,2] Johann Georg (43) landowner from Kuschten, Posen
  .....Anna Rosina (17)
  .....Johann Gottried (15)
  .....Johann Christian (12)
  .....Johanne Luise (7)
  .....Johanne Eleonore (6)
  Anna Rosina nee ADAM (31)
  .....Johanne Dorothea (6 mths)
MUNCHENBERG [1,2] Johanne Eleonore nee BUSCH (56) widow from Turowo, Posen
  .....Julia Hanna (17)
  .....Carl August (16)
  .....Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (10)
  .....Johanne Wilhelmine (8)
PFENNIG [2]* Samuel (38) from Kosel, Silesia
  Christian (16)
PFITZNER [2]* Dorothea (45) from Neu Borui, Posen
  daughter (19)
  Gottlieb (11)
  daughter (10)
PRIEDEMANN [1,2] Samuel (31) from Reichenau, Silesia
RIEBE [2]*  
ROTHE [1,2] Christian (30) tenant farmer and church elder from Klastawe, Posen
  Anna Elisabeth nee LINKE (33, sister of Gottlob)
  .....Johanne Eleonore (5)
  .....Johann Gottlieb (4)
  .....Johann Ernst (1)
SCHLINKE [1,2] Johann Daniel (31) confectioner from Hamburg
  Bertha Mathilde nee TEUSLER (17). (born in Schichogara, Posen)
SCHUBERT [1,2]* Wilhelm probably from Turowo, Posen
SCHULZ [1,2] Johann Samuel (43) tenant farmer from Reichenau, Silesia
  Anna Rosina (nee HOFFMANN) (39)
  .....Johanne Eleonore (15)
  .....Anna Elisabeth (10)
SCHWARZ [1,2] Johann Friedrich (41) tailor from Seiffersdorf
  Eva Rosina nee LIEBIG (37, died on voyage)
  .....Johanne Dorothea (9)
  .....Johann Gottlieb (7)
  .....Johanne Christiane (4)
  .....Johanne Dorothea Elisabeth (2)
TILL [1,2] Johann Michael (40) from Hamburg
  Catherina Maria nee BARTHOLN (39)
  .....Johann Wilhelm (10)
  .....Johanne Maria Elisabeth (3)
TSCHENSCHER [1,2] Carl Ernst
  Dorothea Elisabeth nee BANSEN (55)
  .....Carl Ernst (21)
  .....Anna Dorothea (15)
VIERRATH (GIERATH) [1,2] Christian (57) from Reichenau, Silesia
  Rosina nee RIEGER (53)
  .....Georg Friedrich (23)
  .....Anna Elisabeth (21)
  .....Anna Rosina (19)
  .....Christian (16)
  .....Maria Elisabeth (14)
  .....Johanne Dorothea (10)
WARNEST[2]* Gottfried (65) from Prittisch, Posen
  daughter (24).
WARNEST [1,2] Johann (69) from Prittisch
  Anna (60)
  .....August Ernst (12)
  .....Wilhelmine Ernestine (10)
WASMANN [1,2] theology candidate from Hamburg
WELKE [1,2] Gottlieb Ferdinand (22) apprentice locksmith from Turowo, Posen
WILKSCH [1,2]  Wilhelm (33) shoemaker from Klastawe, Posen
  Johanne Eleonore nee AURICHT (27, sister of Christian)
  .....Johann Carl August (4)
WUNDERLICH [1,2]* Daniel
WUNDERLICH [1,2]* J.E. Ludwig
WUTTKE [1,2] Carl Anton Wuttke (24) shoemaker from Bentschen, Posen
  Anna Rosina nee AURICHT (23, sister of Christian)

* There is some doubt re inclusion of people marked with * on this list [2].

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Newspaper Reports

South Australian

Wednesday, 23 January, 1839

Adelaide Shipping Report

JAN. 20. - The barque Catharina, Capt. Hahn, from Hamburgh, with German emigrants.

South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register

Saturday, 2nd February, 1839

January 22.—The CATHARINA, Peter Schacht master, from Hamburg, with 125 passengers:- 125 water casks, 180 quarter boxes 1 case cigars, 10 barrels tobacco, 20,000 bricks, 1000 staves, 10 packages chairs, 27 boxes wearing apparel, 2 cases glassware, 20 boxes window glass, 1 case looking glasses, 1 cask shoes and boots, 2 bales bagging, 1 box brushes, &c, 1 case stockings, 1 case vermicelli, 2 cases maccaroni, 1 cask succory, 1cask hams, 11 cases 5 boxes 13 packages 2 casks 8 bales 1 bag merchandise 48 cases 26 crates 30 casks 1 barrel 1 hhd 3 tubs 6 boxes 1 chest 1 iron chest 15 bundles 6 bags 2 bales 88 packages sundries.

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[9] The following extract is from Wilhelm Iwain's The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century  as translated by Susan Kriegbaum-Hanks.

"The ship "Katharina" sailed in 1838 with a full passenger manifest of emigrants from the province of Posen. In giving the Posen name roster we need to clarify that this list is questionable because the Posen emigration acts concerning the reporting of emigration permits were not upheld. We include this list despite its inaccuracies because in most instances the inaccuracies are not all that great.

Our outline comes from two lists of persons wishing to emigrate, compiled in 1836 by the commissions of governmental advisor Süvern and the General Superintendent von Freymark. Both lists are in agreement. The lists indicate a total of 267 people. Of that total 41 people stayed behind, either because they were refused hearings or their petitions for emigration permits were denied. Thus in 1836 in Posen 226 people remained, who were eligible to emigrate. We know from two sources, the letter of a passenger and a later Australian report, that the "Katharina" took 130 people from Posen to Australia. This leaves 96 people unaccounted for. Next, we can take into account and reduce that number through a passenger manifest of the "Prinz Georg" saved by Lodewydkx listing a Posener name Kaleske with eight family members. Some other Posen natives left in 1838 on another ship going to Australia, the "Zebra," however no list has survived. Other Poseners postponed their trip until the second great migration to Australia in 1841. Many deaths were recorded during the trip. The trip of 1841 snatched away 55 persons. Taking all this into account, it appears that of the 96 people not many would have remained behind in the homeland. Regrettably we have little in the way of roster for this year. Of the 226 names listed here there might be some, who did not emigrate. However we believed it was better to list them as uncertain entries rather than dispense with the entire Posen list. Perhaps later discovered Posen documents might bring clarification. A few Poseners, whom we could verify from reports as having emigrated to Australia, we will mark with an asterisk in the following list."



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