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The Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel:  three masted ship, 460/510 tons, built in Alexandria Virginia in 1842 as the Virginia.  She was sold to Erich F Oelrichs of Bremen and, intended for the eastern trade routes, was renamed the Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel after a well-known Indian merchant.  Proving unsuited to that task she was used for the South Australian run [7].

The Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel made two voyages to South Australia under the command of Eugen Laun

departed Bremen on 21 Apr 1845
arrived Port Adelaide, SA on 18 Sep 1845 with 262 emigrants
departed for Batavia on 9 Oct 1845
departed Bremen on 27 Jun 1846
arrived Port Adelaide, SA on 29 Oct 1846 with 250 emigrants
depated for Batavia on 20 Nov 1846

The ship was sold and renamed the Beethoven in 1847

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Passenger List

No official passenger list for 1845 voyage of the Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel exists.  The following list of passengers is based on information contained in the Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885 [1] augmented by data from various newspaper reports and web sites.

Laun Eugen

Ship's Surgeon

Cabin Passengers
BUTTNER [1,6,8]
Heinrich Wilhelm Bernhard chemist
DREYER [1,6,8] Georg Ludwig smelting master

....Georg (1929) miner
EY [1,6,8] August Martin mine superintendent
Joseph Hieronymus Moritz chemist
JACOBSON [1,6,8]
Frederick miner
LAUN [6,8]
C C Heinrich Joachim (1815)
SWAINE [6,8]

Steerage Passengers
ALTMANN [1,6,8]
Friedrich August (ca 1806) from Crossen, Brandenburg

Johanne Wilhelmine nee TIETZ (ca 1819)
....Augusta Wilhelmine Johanna (1838)

....Marie Luise Mathilde (1839)

....Johann Otto (1844)
ALTMANN [1,2,8]
Gustav Adolph (1821) from Crossen, Brandenburg
BLUME [1,6,8]
Carl August (1796) from Crossen, Brandenburg

Charlotte nee GERLACH (1806)

....Maria Emilie (1827)

....Carl August (1830)

....Johanne Pauline (1834)

....Johann Hermann (1835)

....Johann Gustav (1838)

....Caroline Wilhmine (1841)

....Auguste Mathilde (ca 1843)
BOEHM [1,6,8]
Georg Friedrich (ca 1816) from Pohlschildern, Liegnitz, Silesia

Johanne Elisabeth nee KRUSCHE (ca 1820)

....Ernst Traugott (1845)
BOTHE [1,6,8]
Karl Wilhelm (ca 1810) from Klemzig, Brandenburg

Elenore nee JENTSCH (ca 1806) died at sea?
Alexander Felix Wilhelm (1804)

Anna  Dorothea nee SCHLINKE (1801) from Chicagura, Prussia

....Johanne Louise (1823)

....Ernst Heinrich (1829)

....Amalie Ottilie (1835)

....Carl Adolph Emmanuel (1840

....Wilhelm Gustav (1843)

....Johanna Lydia (1845)
Johann Samuel

wife, 6 children
CARLE [1,6,8]
Carl cabinetmaker

Caroline nee BERNSFIELD
DASSEL [1,6,8]
Otto (ca 1817) vetenarian

Christiana nee SANDERS/ZIMDAL (ca 1827)

....Karl (ca 1845)
Johann George (ca 1781)

Maria Elisabeth

....Johanne Beate (1819)

DITTRICH [1,6,8]
Johann Karl Friedrich (1799) from Gross Tinz, Liegnitz, Silesia,

Anna Rosina nee REICHELT

....Christiane (1826)
....Dorothea Luise (1829)

....Johanne Ernestine (1832)

....Johanne Eleonore (1835)

....Maria Rosina (1839)

....Carl Ernst Traugott (1842)

....Carl Wilhelm August (1845-1845)
DREYER [1,6,8]
Peter miner
Carl August Wilhelm
Gottfried (1806)
GOTTWALT  [1,6,8]
Ignatius farmer (ca 1812)

Margaret (ca 1820)
GRIMM [1,8] John miner

wife, 3 children
Friedrich Wilhelm (1825) from Crossen, Brandenburg

Johanne Christiane nee KOHLER (1791)

....Friedrich Wilhelm (1821)

....Florentine Agnes (1823)

....Berthold Roland (1825)

....Christian Wanda (1827)
HANAU [1,6]
Johann Carl Friedrich (1818) farmer from Zobel, Liegnitz, Silesia

Johanne Christian nee JOHN (1816) (daughter of Johann Gottlieb)

....Ernst Wilhelm (1841)

....Johann Carl (1844-1845)
HEIDRICH [1,6,8]
Christian Gottlieb (1812) from Gross Tinz, Liegnitz, Silesia (son of Johann Christian)

Anna Susanna nee SCHMIDT (1818)
HEIDRICH [1,6,8]
Johann Christian (1787) from Amts, Alt Laest, Liegnitz Silesia

Maria Eleonore nee NEUMANN (1790)

....Johanne Elisabeth (1814)

....Karl Wilhelm (1829)
HIRTH [1,8]
Johann Friedrich (1815) from Kay, Zullichau, Brandenburg

Helene nee EDLICH (1811)

....Friedrich Wilhelm (1836)

....Johanne Helene (1838)

....Johanna Maria (1841)

....Karl August (1844)

Carl Ludwig (ca 1814) from Teplitz, Bohemia, Austria (brother of Karl Heinrich Friedrich)

Anna Dorothea Elisabeth Louise nee FISCHER (1813)

....Ernestine Wilhelmine (1835)
Karl Heinrich Friedrich (1812) from Teplitz, Bohemia, Austria (brother of Carl Ludwig)

Anna Dorothea nee NOACK (1813)

....Pauline (1838)

....Karl Heinrich Friedrich (1842)

....Ernestine (1844)
JOHN [1,6,8]
Carl Friedrich (1810) from Buchwalden, Luben, Silesia (son of Johann Gottlieb)

Dorothea Susanna nee OBST (1812)

....Gustav Waltsgott (1840)
JOHN [1,6,8]
Johann Gottlieb (1774) from Gross Tinz, Liegnitz, Silesia

Maria Rosina nee HAUSLER (1785, daughter of Christoph))

....Johanne Eleonore (1812)

....Traugott Benjamin (1823)
JOHN [1,6,8]
Johann Gottlieb (1820) from Gross Tinz, Liegnitz, Silesia (son of Johann Gottlieb)

Maria Rosina nee WIRSING (daughter of Christoph)
JOHN [1,6,8]
Johann Wilhelm (1818) from Gross Tinz, Liegnitz, Silesia (son of Johann Gottlieb)

Anna Rosina JUNGFER nee SEIDEL (1825)
Ernst Johannes Wilhelm from Royn-Liegnitz, Silesia (died on voyage)

Johanne Eleonore nee HAUSLER (1815)

....Ernst Wilhelm (1840)

....Johann Gottlieb (1843)
Carl August (1814) from Luben, Silesia

Johanne Elisabeth

....Wilhelm August Hermann (1843)
KAESLER [1,6,8]
Johann Gottfried (1809) from Gross Kriechen, Silesia

....Emma Louise (1836)

Johanna Christiane nee KUHN (1818) (second wife)

....Erdmann Johannes Paul (1845)
KELLER [1,6,8]
Carl Friedrich (1816)

Johanna Cristiana nee KRAUSE (1817)

....Johanna Ernestina (1839)
KNUSCHKE  [1,6,8]
Johann Christian (1805) from Heidau, Kreis Liegnitz, Silesia,

....Anna Elisabeth (1837)

Maria Rosina nee KLENTE (1800) (second wife)
KRIEBEL [1,6,8]
Johann Christian (1787) from  Klein-Janowitz, Silesia

Johanna Elis nee POHL (1797)

....Carl Johann (1819)

....Johann Wilhelm (1825)

....Johanna Eleonore (1827)

....Johanna Ernstine (1835)
KUCHEL [1,8]
Daniel (1775)
KUCHEL [1,6,8]
Johann Gottfried Erdmann (1812) from Langmeil, Brandenburg

Johanne Dorothea Elizabeth nee KUCHEL (ca 1811) (daughter of Daniel)

....Johanne Louise (1840)

....Johanne Dorothea (1841)

....Johanne Eleonore (1843)
Johann Gottlob (1796) fom Buchwaldchen, Liegnitz, Silesia

....Johanna Eleonore (ca 1825)

....Johanne Elisabeth (1826)

....Friedrich Ernst (1828)

....Johann Carl August (1830)

Maria Rosina nee JOHN (1804) (second wife, daughter of Johann Gottlieb)

....Traugott Wilhelm (1841)
Carl Friedrich August (ca 1812) shoemaker from Crossen,Brandenburg

Caroline nee HENNICKE  (ca 1808)

....Caroline Marie (ca 1838)

....Carl Friedrich August (ca 1839)

....Rudolf Otto (ca 1841)

....Maria Elisabeth (1844)

....Hannah Elisabeth (1845)
MEYER [1,6,8]




Johann Gottlieb (1817)

Anna Rosina Dorothea nee MUSTER (1821)

....Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (ca 1844)
OBST [1,6,8]
Gottlob (1816) from Merschwitz, Liegnitz, Silesia, Prussia

Johanna Elisabeth nee HAMPEL/KEMPKE (1809)

....Heinrich August (1838)

....Ernst Gottlieb (1843)

....Johann Carl (1845 at sea)
OBST [1,6,8]
Johann Carl Friedrich (1821) from Merschwitz, Liegnitz, Silesia (son of Gottlob)

Maria Rosina nee HEIDRICH (1822) (daughter of Johann Christian)

....Johanna Maria

Johann Friedrich (1815) from Brandenburg
PAECH [1,8]
Johann Gottfried (ca 1765) died at sea 1845?

Anna Rosina nee LANGER (ca 1773) from Friedrichst?
PAECH [1,8]
J. Gottlieb (1801) from Moestchen, Schwiebus (son of Johann Gottfried)

Dorothea Elis nee BARTEL (1805)

....Johanne Louise (1830)

....Marie Elisabeth (1833)

....Friedrich Wilhelm (1838)

....Johann Christoph (1841)

....Johann Gottfried (1844)
PIETSCH [1,6,8]
Samuel Gottlob (1803) from Repsekow, Pomerania

Anna Dorothea nee REDLICH (1813)

....Johanne Anna Elizabeth (1834)

....Johann Gottfried (1837)

....Anna Rosina (1839)
Johann Gottfried (ca 1812)

Rosine Dorothea nee LACHMANN
Gottlob (ca 1787) cloth cutter from Crossen, Brandenburg

Anna Rosina nee WERNER (ca 1795)

....Silvius (ca 1830)
SCHMIDT [1,6,8]
Georg Friedrich (1815) from Tarxdorf, Silesia

Johanne Christiana nee HEIDRICH (1824, daughter of Johann Christian)
SCHOLZ [1,6,8]
Johann Gottfried (1805) from Johnsdorf, Silesia

....Wilhelm Heinrich (1828)

....Johanne Christiane (1830)

....Charlotte Henrietta (1832)

....Ernst Hermann (1835)

....Louise Pauline Auguste (1837)

....Auguste Caroline Pauline (1841)

Christiane nee MUMMERT (1812)

....Hermann Eduard (1842)
SCHUBERT [1,6,8]
Johann Goffried (ca 1812) from Niederurtz

Dorothea Elisabeth nee BELDERMANN (1815)

....Johanna Louise (1836)

....Carl August (1840)

....Johann Heinrich (1844)
Anna Rosina (1820) from Heinersdorf, Silesia
SCHULZ [1,8]
Christian (ca 1809) from Klemzig, Zullichau, Brandenburg

Karoline nee GRADE (1809)

....Ernstine Wilhelmine (1838)

....Johanna Luise (1841)

....Friedrich Augt (1843)

....2 children (died at sea)
Johann Christian (1798) from Neu-Tanischelia, Prussia


....Johann Friederich Wilhelm (1826)

....Johanna Juliane (1833)
Johann Franz Matthias (ca 1785)

Luise nee KUHN (ca 1787)
SONNTAG [1,6,8]
Johann Franz (1820, son of Johann Franz Matthias)

Maria Dorothea nee GRAETZ (ca 1820)
STELZER [1,6,8]
Johann August (1820)

Rosina Dorothea Elisabeth nee DEUTSCHMANN (1819, daughter of Johann Georg)
WENZEL [1,8]
August Heinrich F (1805) from Prussia

Johanna Dorothea Eleonora nee BAHR

....Augusta (ca 1829)

....Heinrich Frederick August (1832)

....William (1836)

....Charles F Ed (1842)
Johann Carl Wilhelm, wife, three children
Eberhard Heinrich (1828) from Prussia
Christoph (1788) from Silesia

Anna Maria SCHILLER nee AESCHE (1793)

....Anna Rosina (1827)

....Ernstine Caroline Christiana (1834)

....Johanna Christiana (ca 1834)
WOGISCH [1,6,8]
Gottlieb (1774) from Buchwalden, Luben, Silesia,
Johannes Nikolaus

Anna Elisabeth HUPFELD nee SCHÜLBE

....Friedrich Wilhelm HUPFELD (ca 1828) (from first marriage)

....Johannes (ca 1836)

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Newspaper Reports

Shipping Intelligence
Sept 18 – The  Ship Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel, 510 tons, Laun, from Bremen. Passengers – Mrs. Laun, Messers Heasenroder, Buttner, Swaine, Jacobsen, Ey, Schroder and Surgeon L. Callmann in the cabin.  In the steerage –
Habermann, wife, and 4 children; Webmeyer, Wilhelmina, Krieger, Lachman, and 4 children; Pierthe and 2 children;
Radiger, Meyer, wife, and 3 children; Pretsch, wife, and 3 children; Mel, Zenthinen, wife, and 4 children; Kriebel, wife, and 4 children; W. Otto, J. Gottwald, Bohme, wife, and 1 child; Scholz, wife, and 6 children; Kauler, wife, and 2 children; Knutschke, wife, and 1 child; W. Wogisch, Lindner, wife, and 4 children; Wirsig, wife and 2 children; John, wife and three children; C.J. John and wife; W. John and wife; Gottlieb John and wife; Benj. John, Hanseln, wife, and child; Heit, wife, and 3 children; Stelser and wife; Doring, Friedlunder, Dreyer and son; Kinhel, wife, and 3 children; Gureek, wife, and child; Gieckard, Miehtieh, Schuls, wife, and child; Ortlaff, Diesrieh, Keller, wife and child; C. Obst, wife, and child; P. Dreyer, C. Hanan, H. Lange, Deutschmann, wife, and 2 children; Heydrick, wife and 6 descendants; G. Bralke, wife, and 6 children; Messner, wife, and 5 children; Schmiar and wife; Blume, wife, and 7 children; Reiher, wife, and child; Zimmermann, wife, and 2 children; Hofrichter, wife, and 2 children; Hofrichter, wife, and child; Sohnez, and wife; Altmann, wife, and 3 children; Alrmarye, Polz, Schubs, Hoffmann and wife; Sonntag and wife; Dierrich, wife, and 6 children; Dassel, wife and child; C. Schafer, G. Obst, wife, and 3 children; Bothe, J. Sloken, Schapelius and 2 children; Payunt, wife, and 5 children; Schubert, wife, and 3 children; W. Tixner and wife; Gubscher, wife, child, and Eltern; C. Carl and wife; and Casbanne.


South Australian Register

Adelaide, Saturday, 20 September 1845
The "Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel" from Germany

"  We have today to announce the arrival of the "Heerjeebhoy Rustomjee Patel", the long expected ship from Bremen, with 262 German immigrants, after a journey of 117 days from port to port. Her passage has been a pleasant and prosperous one throughout, with the exception of Sunday last, when the weather was so rough and stormy that the ship was nearly thrown on her beam and even the sailors admit that they were in considerable danger for some hours.
  The passengers she brings are of rather a superior class and comprise many .. trades much wanted here; for example, there are several linen, cotton and cloth weavers who seriously contemplate following up their various vocations and speak confidently of being able to establish blanket, cloth linen and cotton manufactures; there are also several miners, two chemists and a metalurgist besides the usual sprinkling of carpenters builders, shoemakers, tailors, &c....
  We are not a little amused to see the extent to which the powers that be have succeeded in mystifying the intellects of our new colonial brethren, amongst whom will be found some of high mental endowments: thus we were seriously asked if a man durst smoke a cigar or a pipe in the streets of Adelaide; if it would be permitted him to carry a gun; if they dare go on shore without express permission of the authorities; and other similar questions, with the assurance that they had been told, that all of these things (and many others of private and personal arrangement) would be subjects of official supervision.  It is almost superfluous to add, that when informed that every man might do "as seemed fit in his own eyes" so long as he did not infringe upon the rights and privileges of his neighbours, they were pleased in the highest degree and almost imagined they had landed on the shores of the real Utopia.  Many of them were so well pleased with the appearance of the place, that they said it was worth all the voyage to get a glimpse of so fine a country.
  There were seven children were born on the passage, and eleven persons died, mainly old men and very young children."

"Another expedition has sailed from Bremen consisting of six cabin passengers and 268 steerage passengers per the "PATEL", which went to sea on the 21st of April. (1845)

Among the cabin passengers are the son of a wealthy farmer, the nephew of one of the first merchants in Hamburg, an experienced chemist, and a Captain in his Hanoverian Majesty's service, on leave of absence, who is thoroughly conversant with mining and smelting operations. Among the steerage passengers there are nearly forty able bodied labourers, miners, and etc, who are ready to engage under him in these operations. Among the other emigrants are several possessed of small capitals,amounting in all to about £3,000 (pounds).

There is also a party of 33 persons, relatives of the inhabitants of the German village of Klenzig, in South Australia, who have been induced to follow their relatives to that land of promise.

That colony presented a favourable field for the British labourer, and the extensive purchases of lands, amounting to upwards of £30,000 (pounds) value, afforded ample means to convey the labourers who could not afford to pay the expense of their passage, but one-third of this sum, or nearly so, has been misapplied - repayment is refused and the consequence is that the boon, which had been provided for our own impoverished, hard-wrought and ill paid labourers, and which seemed actually within their reach, is withdrawn, and others possess themselves of it.

The present expedition of German emigrants is said to be even superior to the last, consisting of able-bodied labourers, an equal number orf each sex; a large proportion of adults and youths fit for immediate work; and all of highly respectable moral character.

The following are the summaries of the passengers, exclusive of those in the cabin:
Males - 134 Females - 134  total = 268.
Adults - 156, Youths from 14-18 years - 16, Youths under 14 years of age - 96: Total - 268

The owners of the vessel has taken the labouring emigrants at a very low rate of passage-money, and trusts to their future industry and success in the colony for making up the remainder."

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