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The Vesta, a 2 mast brig of of 242 tons, was built ca 1855 in the von Somm shipyards in Hamburg and commissioned on 23 July 1856 for the Hamburg firm of JC Godeffroy and Sohn.

Under the command of Captain E C Kross she made her first voyage to South Australia leaving Hamburg on 2 August 1856  and berthing in Port Adelaide on 30 November 1856.

The Vesta made two trips to Australia.  She sank in September 1870 off Apia.

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Passenger List

The Vesta sailed on 2 August 1856.  She berthed in Adelaide on 30 November 1856.  The following list is based on that which appears on various web sites augmented by information from other references [1,2].


Ships Surgeon

Steerage Passengers
August Ferdinand (33) Landmann from Ulbersdorf, Prussia

Auguste Wilhelmine nee POHLNER (27)

.....Agnes Maria (1)
Carl (52) Schmied from Crossen, Prussia
Christian Friedrich (51) Lehrer (Teacher) from Drickharburg, Hanover

.....Anna Elisabeth (22)

.....Anna Dorothea (19)

.....Catharina Magdalena (17)

.....Johann Christof (14)

.....Wilhelmine Magdalena (11)

.....Friedrich Wilhelm (8)

Katharina Elisabeth nee LODDERS (43)

.....Magdalena (4)
BECKER Gottlieb (40) Landmann from Glinau, Prussia

Rosina nee BLAESING (40)

.....Reinard (15)

.....Wilhelmine (13)

.....Juliane (10)

.....Johann C Wilhelm (4)
BÖHM Wilhelm (32) Schmied (Blacksmith) from Weichau, Prussia
BREUER Carl (28) Maurer (Bricklayer) from Hamburg, Hamburg

Caroline (25)
DELLY August (31) Kaufmann from Dresden, Sachsen
GALLE Carl (28) Tuchmacher (Clothmaker) from Crossen, Prussia
Johann Gottfried (56) Zimmermann from Roÿn, Prussia

Anna Rosina nee LINKE (56)

.....Carl August (22)

.....Anna Rosina (8)
HEIMBERG Heinrich (29) Tischler (Joiner) from Gross Monsen, Hanover
Johann Friedrich (33) Maurer from Skampe, Prussia

Anna Dorothea nee KROSCHEL (35)

.....Johann August (infant)
JASCH Ernst (41) Drechsler from Crossen, Prussia

Wilhelmine (40)

.....Friederich (5)

.....Agnes (2)
KAUSCHKE Anna Rosina (39) from Bunzlau, Prussia

.....Augusta Ernestine (6)
Johann Samuel (44) Landmann from Skampe, Prussia

Johanna Louise nee DRABSCH (39)

.....Johanne Louise (18)

.....Johann Wilhelm (16)

.....Johann August (14)

.....Johanne Pauline (12)

.....Caroline (9)

.....Johanne Ernestine (7)

.....Friedrich Hermann (3)
Theodor (32) Tischler from Rostock, Mecklenburg
Gottlob (30) Zimmermann (Carpenter) from Skampe, Prussia

Johanne Eleonore nee HILSENITZ (28) from Skampe, Prussia
KROSCHEL Eleonore (33) from Skampe, Prussia
KROSCHEL Johanne Caroline Auguste (22) from Langmeil, Prussia
Johann Carl (40) Schuhmacher (Shoemaker) from Schreiberhau, Prussia

Christiane Henriette nee GEIER (42)

.....Ernestine Pauline (15)

.....Caroline Ernestine (13)

.....Wilhelmine Caroline (11)

.....Carl Robert (7)

.....Pauline Marie (3)
August Heinrich (48) Stellmacher from Bobersberg, Prussia

Johanna Christine (19)
Fredrich Wilhelm (15)
LINKE Ernst (25) Landmann from Gross Lesswitz, Prussia
LINDENER Maria Rosina (59) from Seiffendorf, Prussia
Johanne Karoline nee HAMPEL (24) (widow, daughter of Johann Gottfried)

.....Johanna (Anna) Maria (infant, born at sea 30 Oct 1856)
Carl Adolph (30) Schneider from Bomst, Prussia
MARKS Florentine Mathilde (28) from Bomst, Prussia
MARKS Friederike (32) from Bomst, Prussia

.....Bertha (3) from Bomst, Prussia
MENCKE Friedr (63) Sattler from Bobersberg, Prussia
MÜLLER Pauline (26) from Bomst, Prussia
NUSKE Maria Dorothea (60) from Nekla Hauland, Prussia (Mother of Christian)
Christian (25) Landmann from Nekla Hauland, Prussia
Eugen (34) Tischler from Wüst-Waltersdorf, Prussia
Maria nee WOLLMAN (36)

.....Rosalie (4)

.....Paul (2)
PFEIFFER August (33) Landmann from Nekla Hauland, Prussia

Anna Rosina (26)

.....Henriette (5)
PFEIFFER Johann Gottlieb (37) Landmann from Nekla Hauland, Prussia

Anna Caroline nee RACKUI (36)

.....Anna Elisabeth (12)

.....Friederich Ernst (10)

.....Marie (6)

.....Ludwig (4)
Johanne Eleonore nee WUNDERLICH

.....Hermann Alexander (10) from Ulbersdorf, Prussia
Gottfried (43) Landmann from Nekla Hauland, Prussia (brother of Carl Erdmann)

Anna Dorothea nee PIDDE (42)

.....Johann Friedrich (6)

.....Wilhelmine Henriette (4)
Carl Erdmann (32) Landmann from Nekla Hauland, Prussia (brother of Gottfried)

.....Wilhelmine Ernestine Henriette (2) child of previous marriage

Emma Louise nee NUSKE (32)
RATTAY [1] .....Anna Caroline (16) niece of Gottfried and Carl Erdmann
RAUTH Johann Wilhelm (20) Maurer from Frankfurt am Meine
Johann Gottlieb (44) Landmann from Lampersdorf, Prussia

Johanne Elisabeth nee VOIGT (44)

.....Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (12)

.....Johanna Elisabeth (10)

.....Johanna Henriette (7)

.....Johanna Christiane (7)

.....Carl August (4)
SCHULZ Hermann (32) Schlachter from Crossen, Prussia

Maria (27) from Neustadt, Prussia
Ferdinand Julius (27) Schuhmacher from Bobersberg, Prussia
Ernst Gottlieb (20) Schneider from Roÿn, Prussia
Johann Michael (38) Landmann from Nekla Hauland, Prussia

Juliane nee TISCHLER (36)

.....Pauline (12)

.....Cecilie (10)

.....Gustav (8)

.....Hermann (6)

.....Amalie (4)

.....Henriette (2)

.....Augustine (infant)
VEHLING Loren (34) Kaufmann (Shopkeeper) from Wittorf, Hanover
WARNER August (24) Fleischer from Krostins, Prussia
Johann Heinrich Christoph (34) Schneider (Tailer) from Bredelem, Hanover

Marie Elisabeth nee AHFELD (32)

.....Minna (5)
.....Eduard (3)

.....Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Julius (1)
WEIST Heinrich (26) Landmann from Schreiberhau, Prussia
WERNER Johann Wilhelm Reinhold (22) Segelmacher from Crossen, Prussia
Carl Gottlieb Ernst (25) Landmann from Ransen, Prussia

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Newspaper Reports

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) Monday 1 December 1856

Sunday, November 30

Same day - The brig Vesta, E. C. Kross, master, from
Hamburg August 2. Amsberg, Town; Mocatta, Port,
agents. Passengers - T. M. Tooholke, Gott. Seplenker,
Carl A. Kroschel, Carl Liebig, Adolf and Matilda Marks,
Joh, and Aug. Pfeifer, Erdmann and Gott, Raltey,
Christian Nuske, Engen Teisker, Christian Wogener,
Gott. Hampel, Gott. Bocker, Lorenz Vehling, Carl Galle,
Ernst Linke, C. F. Basedow, Theodore Krohn, Ernst
Tasche, Julius Stabernach, Fred. Memke, Carl Arndt,
Carl Breur, Samuel Krause, Gott. Kroschel, Fried.
Hilbenitz, Hein. Weiss, Marie R. Lendonor, Aug. Ferd.
Andres, Wilh. Bohm, Carl Wurst, Hein Liesfeld, Wilhelm
Rauth, Ernst Thamm, Maria Schutz, Hein Heimberg,
Anna R. Kauschke, Herrm Schutz, W. R. Werner,
Pauline Müller, August Delby, Carl Musch, Rud.

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References and Notes

[1] Statten J (ed.) Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885 South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society: Adelaide, 1886.
[2] Thomas J (ed.) South Australians 1836-1885 South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society: Adelaide, 1990 .
[3]  Johanne Eleonore POHLNER nee WUNDERLICH appears on some passenger lists for the Hermann von Beckerath, on which her husband and most other family arrived, and on some lists for the Vesta, with son, Hermann Alexander.  However, it is believed she arrived on the August, with daughter, Hermine Pauline.

Vesta Passengers

Passenger Lists
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Caroline Rattay

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