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The Zebra ca 1840
(artist unknown)

Photo courtesy of the State Library of South Australia SLSA: B17899/3

The Zebra: three masted ship of 350 tons, built in 1818, owned by J. Dede of Altona.

The Zebra departed Altona on Sunday Aug 12th 1838 and arrived Holdfast Bay, SA on Friday Dec 28th, 1838 under the command of Dirk Meinerts Hahn.  She departed 12 Feb 1839 for Batavia.

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Passenger List
The Zebra's voyage is described in David Schubert's Kavels Prople [1] (pp 160-169).  The captains own account of the voyage has also been published as Emigrants to Hahndorf - A Remarkable Voyage [2].

No official passenger list for the Zebra exists.  The following list is based on that which appears in Kavels People [1] with a few additions.  It is stated that 198 passengers embarked and that there were 11 deaths on the voyage meaning that 187 arrived in South Australia [1].  There are 201 steerage passengers in the following list including thirteen considered as doubtful by Schubert (marked with *).

Many of the emigrants from the Zebra settled in Hahndorf, which was named after the captain of the Zebra.

Captain Dirk Meinerts

SLSA: B7477
Captain Dirk Meinerts Hahn ca 1836

Photo courtesy of the State Library of South Australia

HAHN Dirk Meinerts


Ship's Surgeon

MATHEISON Dr, from Schleswig

Cabin Passenger
KOOK Hermann Friedrich , agriculturalist/surveyor, from Lübeck

Steerage passengers (198 - 11 deaths on voyage)
Christian from Möstchen, Brandenburg

Anna Rosina nee LIEBELT
BARTEL[1,6] Christian, thresher-gardener (44, son of Christian) from Möstchen, Brandenburg

Maria Elisabeth (nee KIRSCHKE) (41)

.....Johanne Luise (21)

.....Anna Maria (16)

.....Dorothea Elisabeth (12)

.....Johanne Karoline (6)
BARTEL[1,6] Gottlob, cottager (41, son of Christian) from Möstchen, Brandenburg

Elisabeth nee BINDER (40)

.....Johann Wilhelm (19)

.....Maria Elisabeth (14)

.....Johann Gottfried (8)

.....Johann Gottlob (4)

.....Johann Christoph (9 months). 
BARTSCH[1,6] Johann Samuel, joiner (37) from Skampe

Eleonore nee MEISSNER (38)

.....Johann Gottlieb (10)

.....Johann Friedrich (7)

.....Johann Christian (5)

.....Johann August (3)

.....Johanne Eleonore (2)

.....Johann Samuel (3 months)
BEHREND[1] Gottfried, shoemaker (35) from Schwiebus

.....Beate Emilie Auguste (11)
BOEHM[1,6] Johann Georg, cottager and journeyman carpenter (42)

Johanne Karoline nee KÖNIG (37) from Muschten

.....Johanne Luise (15)

.....Johanne Eleonore (11)

.....Johann Ernst (8)

.....Johanne Karoline (6)

.....Johanne Dorothea (3)

.....Traugott Wilhelm (1)
*BOTHE[1] Christian, merchant (59) from Krummendorf

Anna Maria nee KORBER (54)

.....Luise (21)
BRETTIG [1,6] Samuel (42)

Johanne Luise (44)

.....Karolina Ernestina (16)

.....Hermine Florentine (10)

.....Hermann Reinhold (3)
DOHNT[1,6] Johann Gottfried, small cottager (43) from Guhren, Brandenburg

Anna Dorothea nee NEUMANN (40)

.....Anna Dorothea (20)

.....Johann Gottlieb (18)

.....Johanne Luise (16)

.....Johann Gottfried (13)

.....Johann Christian (10)

.....Johann Georg (8)

.....Maria Elisabeth (3)
HELBIG[1,6] Friedrich colonist (35) from Friedrichsfelde died on voyage Sept 22, 1838

Eleonore nee KOCH (37)

.....Johann Wilhelm (7)
JAENSCH[1,6] Christian, farmer (40) from Kay

Maria Elisabeth nee KLENKE (39)

.....Johann Dorothea (15)

.....Johann Gottlob (13)

.....Johann Christian (9)

.....Johann Friedrich Traugott (6)

.....Maria Elisabeth (5)

.....Johanne Luise (2)
JAENSCH[1] Maria, (44, sister of Christian) from Kay
JANETZKI[1,6] Johann George, cottager and journeyman mason (32) from Muschten

Luise nee LUDE (28)

.....Johann Gotthilf (3)

.....Johanne Luise (1)
KIRSCH[1] Friederike, widow (56, mother-in-law of J.C. Schirmer) from Nickern
KLENKE[1] Christian, day-labourer (51) from Kay died on voyage

Anna Elisabeth nee GIERKE (49)

.....Johanne Dorothea (21)
KLUGE[1] Eleonore, widow, day-labourer from Nickern

.....Christian (19)

.....daughter (15)
*KLUGE[1] Johann Gottfried (16)
LIEBELT[1,6] Johann Christian, shepherd (38) from Nickern

Maria Elisabeth nee KUCHEL (40)

.....Johann Gottlieb (14)

.....Johann Christoph (12)

.....Johanne Eleonore (5)
LIEBELT[1,6] Johann Christoph, tailor (33) from Nickern

Anna Dorothea nee WOLF (30)

.....Johann Friedrich August (7)

.....Johanne Luise (4)

.....Johann Gottfried (1)
LUBASCH[1,6] Gottfried, cottager (49) from Rissen

.....Johanne Eleonore Henriette (16) from first marriage

Anna Dorothea nee, GREISER (41) second wife

.....Anna Dorothea Luise (13

.....Johanne Karoline (11)

.....Anna Dorothea (5)

.....Maria Elisabeth (3)

.....Anna Elisabeth (6 mths)
NEUMANN[1,6] Gottfried, cottager (42), from Kay

Anna Maria nee PFEIFFER (44)

.....Johanna Luise (12)

.....Johann Friedrich August Erdmann (10)

.....Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (7)

.....Maria Elisabeth (3)
NITSCHKE[1,6] Friedrich Wilhelm journeyman mason (35) from Kay

Maria Elisabeth nee SÜSS (35, daughter of J.F. Süss below)

.....Johann Karl (10)

.....Johann Wilhelm (8)

.....Johanne Karoline (6)
NITSCHKE[1] Gottfried, cottager (58) from Kay

Johanne Dorothea nee WOLFF (58)
NITSCHKE[1,6] Johann Gottlob, wheelwright (30) from Kay

Johanne Dorothea nee HIRTE (34)

.....Friedrich Wilhelm (6)

.....Maria Elisabeth (3)

.....Anna Dorothea, (5 months)
*NITSCHKE[1,6] Johann Samuel, small cottager (48) from Lochow

Anna Elisabeth nee GREIGER (42)

.....Johann Gottlieb (18)

.....Johann Gottfried (14)

.....Johanne Eleanore (12)

.....Johann (6)

.....Johann Traugott (2)

.....Johanne Luise (1 month)
PAECH[1,6] Friedrich, cottager and joiner (32) from Nickern

Johanne Luise nee JACHNING (36)

.....Johanne Karoline (7)

.....Johanne Eleonore (5)

.....Johanne Luise (2). 
PAECH[1,6] Johann Georg, farmer (45) (first wife nee KLENKE) from Kay

.....Johann Christian (18)

.....Johann Gottlob (15)

.....Johann Georg (12)

.....Johanne Luise (8)
  Anna Rosina nee RICHTER (27)

.....Maria Elisabeth (4)

.....Johann Friedrich (2)
PAECH[1,6] Johann Friedrich, occupant, formerly farmer (36) from Rentschen

Anna Dorothea nee KRAMM (33)

.....Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (11)

.....Johann August (9)

.....Johanne Dorothea (5)

.....Johann Gottlieb (3)

.....Johann Friedrich (6 mths)
PFEIFFER[1,6] Johann Georg, thresher-gardener (47) from Kay

Anna Rosina nee NEUMANN (47)

.....Johann Gottlieb (19)

.....Johann Gottfried (17)

.....Anna Elisabeth (12)

.....Johann Georg (8)
  .....Johann Christian (3)

.....Johanne Luise (2)
PFEIFFER[1,6] Johann Georg, thresher-gardener (59) from Rackau

Christiane nee SCHLIEFKE (56)

.....Johanne Eleonore (30)

.....Johann Christian (26)

.....Maria Elisabeth (18)

.....Johann Gottlob (16)

.....Johann Wilhelm (12)
RILLRICHT[1,6] Johann Gottfried, colonist (44) from Friedrichsfelde

Anna Dorothea nee WOIDT

.....Johann Gottlob (20)

.....Dorothea Elisabeth (17),. 
SCHIRMER[1,6] Johann Christian, thresher-gardener (33, son of Friedrich Gottlob) from Nickern

Anna Dorothea nee KIRSCH (34, daughter of Friederike Kirsch)

.....Johann Gottlieb (4)
SCHIRMER[1,6] Friedrich Gottlob, widower (56) from Nickern

.....Johann Georg (16)

.....Eleonore (11)
*SCHIRMER[1,6] Gottlob, servant (28) from Guhren
SCHMIDT [1,6] Gottlob, day-labourer (50) from Skampe

Anna Dorothea nee KLUGE (50)

.....Anna Dorothea (20)

.....Dorothea Elisabeth (17)

.....Dorothea Elisabeth (17)

.....Gottfried (16)

.....Johann Gottlob (13)

.....Anna Elisabeth Rosina (10)
SCHUBERT[1] Johann Christian Schubert, day-labourer (51) from Möstchen

Elisabeth Rosina nee BARTEL (48)

.....Johann Christian (16)
SCHULZ[1,6] Johann Christoph, colonist (47) from Klippendorf

Johanne Dorothea nee FRANK (49)

.....Johann Christian (28)

.....Karl August (20)

.....Johanne Luise (7)
SCHULZ[1] Dorothea Elisabeth nee PAECH (42, sister of J F Paech), widow from Rentschen

.....Johanne Eleonore (12)

.....Johann Gotthilf (8)
STEIKE[1,6] Johann Samuel, day-labourer (40) from Kay

Johanna Dorothea nee PAECH (36)

.....Johann Gottlieb (15)

.....Johanne Eleonore (13)

.....Maria Elisabeth (5),

.....Johanne Luise (2)
SÜSS[1,6] Johann Friedrich, cottager (67) from Kay, father-in-law of F W Nitschke, above

Christiane nee THIELE (67)

.....Eleonore (43)
WITTWER[1,6] Johann Friedrich Wilhelm, miller (38) from Guhren

Johanne Leonore Henriette nee GERLACH (34)

.....Friedrich Wilhelm (9)

.....Johanne Karoline (6 mths)
ZIMMERMANN[1,6] Johann Friedrich, freehold gardener (38) from Jehser

Anna Elisabeth nee ZIMMERMANN (39)

.....Johanne Luise (11)

.....Johanne Eleonore (8)

.....Maria Elisabeth (2),

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Newspaper Reports

The South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register (Adelaide, SA)

Saturday, 29 December, 1838

THE Prince George and Glenalvon from London - the Zebra from Altona - the Parland from Sydney - and the Socrates from Launceston, arrived yesterday, and the Black Joke, from Port Phillip, on the 27th. There are now about twenty vessels in the roads and harbour. The latest advices from London are up to the 4th September. There is no intelligence of importance ; but the late hour at which we received our papers prevents a summary till our next. The demand for land, we rejoice to say, continues to increase. Nearly 9000 acres have been lately sold; and a party of noblemen and gentlemen are said to have formed an association for the purpose of purchasing land in South Australia. The Dukes of Sutherland and Richmond are at the head of this undertaking. The New Judge.-—Henry Cooper, Esq., Barrister, has been appointed Chief Justice of the Province of South Australia. His Honor is expected to arrive early in February.

Saturday, 5 January, 1839

December 28 The ZEBRA, 344 tons, Haber, master, from Albona, with 189 German emigrants:—100 barrels pork, 100 barrels flour, 2 boxes boots and shoes, 18 water casks, 40,924 bricks.

Saturday, 19 January, 1839

WHEN we had the pleasure to announce in our last that Mr. Hampden Dutton, Mr. Macfarlane, Mr. Moore, and some other gentlemen from Sydney, had been so struck with the surpassing fertility of the Mount Barker district when compared to the richest tracts of New South Wales, that although they had arrived in the province without the slightest, intention of buying land or becoming settlers, had at once demanded a special survey of 15,000 acres, and intimated their resolution to send numerous herds and flocks and to become themselves denizens of South Australia, we did not then expect so soon afterwards to have another pleasing illustration of what men of capital, enterprise, and, we may add, sound judgment, are capable of effecting in a short space of time. Mr. Dutton and his friends have not been contented with merely purchasing the land—they have determined to people it; and the favorable opportunity afforded by the recent arrival of numerous German emigrants has not been overlooked. The whole body of Germans, in number one hundred and ninety, brought by the Zebra, from Hamburg, are to proceed directly from the ship to Mount Barker, and a township is forthwith to be established there under the name, we believe, of " Kanatsdorf." The men are chiefly mechanics, shepherds, bricklayers, masons, &c, and form, in fact, the whole materiel for a community. With a liberality which we cannot sufficiently applaud and admire, these poor people are to be put in possession of certain allotments of ground, rent free for the first twelve months; to be supplied gratis with rations and seeds till their crops are gathered in; each family is to have the free use of at least one dairy cow, and the men are to be paid the ordinary rate of wages when employed. A church and school-house are to built, and an endowment made for a clergyman. Mr. Dutton has given £20 and Mr. Macfarlane £10 towards the building of the church; and several other gentlemen have already contributed very liberally. Here, then, without professions or the talk of a couple of years, are results as creditable to the gentlemen immediately interested as they are important to the province. We sincerely trust the parties will meet the reward which their judicious and prompt benevolence so fully merits.

The South Australian (Adelaide, SA)

Saturday, 29 December, 1838

DEC. 28 .- Zebra, from Hambro', with Emigrants.

Wednesday, 23rd January, 1839

It affords us the most sincere pleasure to be enabled to publish the following gratifying testimony of the care and attention of Capt. Hahn, of the ship Zebra, recently from Hambro' to this colony. So much of the comfort and happiness of passengers depends upon the manner in which the captains of emigrant ships discharge their important duties, that no opportunity should be lost in testifying the approbation of the colonists wherever so fitting an occasion shall arise. To the Captain of the Prince George and Capt. Hahn of the Zebra, (both with emigrants from Germany) great praise is due for their uniform kindness and attention to those committed to their care, and we would suggest the propriety of the Commissioners granting a premium to those Captains who bring out emigrants and passengers with safety, and whose conduct has been so worthy of commendation.

City of Adelaide, South Australia
19th January, 1839.

DEAR SIR.-Taking a lively interest in the subject of Emigration to the South Australian Colonies, and having in our different capacities had considerable experience in this matter, we cannot refrain from expressing our extreme, satisfaction on visiting you shortly after your coming to anchor in Holdfast Bay,at witnessing the great cleanliness, health, and cheerfulness which prevailed amongst the 180 emigrants brought out by you in the "Zebra".
The success with which you have conducted this interesting cargo to these shores, reflects great credit upon you, and we trust it may have the effect of inducing many others to follow.
We also hope when the great anxiety you have manifested, and the trouble you have taken in the promotion of the welfare of your passengers, after all claims on your attention have ceased by their leaving your ship shall be made known in Germany, that you will be again selected as the most fit person to be entrusted with a similar duty- one to which so much responsibility attaches, and on the humane execution of which so much of the happiness and comfort of many of our fellow creatures depend.
Be assured of our sincere wishes for your welfare and believe us to be. Dear Sir,
Yours very truly,
Of Sydney, Merchant and Stock-holder.
Commander Emigrant Ship "Surry"
Late of the Emigrant Ship "William Metcalfe."
Colonial Surgeon.
To Captain Hahn,
of the ship Zebra.

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