Lehmann Henschke - Person Sheet
Lehmann Henschke - Person Sheet
NameHEUZENROEDER, Selmar Theodor
Birth23 Jul 1855, Duderstadt, Silesia, Prussia154
Immigration3 Feb 1858, ‘Ohio’154,6044 Age: 2
Memo4 Feb?
Naturalization19 Apr 1913, Broken Hill, NSW154 Age: 57
Death24 Jun 1944, Broken Hill, NSW47268,47269 Age: 88
FatherHEUZENROEDER, Carl Jodocus (1800-1896)
MotherKAESEHAGEN, Anna Regina (1834-1915)
Western Grazier (Wilcannia, NSW : 1896 - 1951) Fri 30 Jun 194447269

Pioneer Passes
In Broken Hill on Sunday last, the
death occurred of one of the oldest Far
Westerners when Mr. Selmar Heuzen-
roeder, who was the first man to peg
out a residential or business area in the
Milparlnka district.
Born in Hanover, then a British pos-
sesslon governed by the Duke of Con-
naught, in 1855, Mr. Heuzenroeder was
brought to Australia before he was aged
two, arriving In Adelaide with his
parents, Dr. and Mrs, Heuzenroeder.
he was reared at Blrdwood in South
Australia, till he was 14 years ot age.
The family became well known in South
Australia. They were a family of long
livers. Dr. Heuzenroeder lived till he
was 97 years, aud his brother died at
98, while another member of the family
passed along at 97.
Late in the year 1876 Mr. Heuzenroe-
der's desire for travel found its initial
expression. He went from Adelaide to
Wilcannia that was then a busy river
port town, where there were 20 hotels.
They were days when the metal city
in which he died was yet unborn. It
was before Sllverton was discovered.
But there is a gripping story behind
Mr. Heuzenroeder's plunge at 21
to the Far West of this State—a wild
west It was then. The old pioneer rode
on horseback all the way to Wilcannia.
It took many weeks, and was over
various roads in weather that varied
along the trail
Early In 1880 Mr. Heuzenroeder's eyes
and hopes were turned to Milparinka.
His brother was with him. They pushed
out of Wilcannia and on to the new
gold field in a dray to which five horses
were attached.
The Heuzenroeder brothers found Mil-
parinka booming. and everywhere there
were toiling men hopeful that they
would strike the yellow metal. Some did
and some did not, but Mllparinka was
no Ballarat or Bendigo. and the years
went by so did men and hope. It was
here that the Heuzenroeder brothers took
up the first business ever to be started
in the district. They were successful.
After about five years at Milparinka
Mr. Selmar Heuzenrceder married a Miss
Hill a native of Musk Creek near Dales-
ford in Victoria one of that State's most
scenic spots.
When Mr. Heuzonrocder and his
brother first took up the business of
drapers and general storekeepers in Mil-
parlnka the township was in Its chaotic
infancy. There were over 2,000 people
there soon after and buildings went up
apace. There were four hotels. Soon
after his arrival at Mllparinka, then a
well etabllshed pastoral centre over
which Sturt's famous expedition travelled
46 years before, a famine struck the
district. The Darling River had run
dry and this meant the cessation of the
transit of goods to Wilcannla, from
where they were carted by dray or heavy
horse vehicle to Milparinka. In the
crisis Mr Heuzenroeder, then in the
prime of comparative youth and with
a keen eye to business, organised bullock
teams that did three trips from Terowie.
The fourth met with new conditions.
Instead of a long and dry trek, they
were raced with floods. and it took five
months to get to Milparinka. Mean-
while, the people of the district just
subsisted. It was a trying time.
During his tlms at Milparinka Mr.
Heuzenroeder made trips to Tibocburra.
In 1880 Mr. and Mrs. Heuzenroeder.
with their then only child, went to Ade-
laide . Their second chil, a baby girl,
18 months old, was buried at Wonna-
mlnta just a little time before.
At Cobham Lake Mr. Heuzenroeder
had a store for a time and later a hotel
at Coolly. This was before he left the
district in the latter part of 1889.
In later years Mr. and Mrs. Heu-
zenroeder and their family returned to
the district, settling in Broken Hill. Mrs.
Heuzenroeder, a grand old lady, survives
her husband. There is also a grown-up
family, well known in the district. One
son was killed in action In the last war
and two seriously wounded. They were
member of the AIF.
Mr. Heuzenroeder lived to see one great
wish fulfilled — the placing of Australia
outside the reach of an invader's guns.
In an interview with a representative of
this paper In December. 1941, he con-
cluded with a wish to live long enough
to see Australia secure against the men-
ace of invaders from near or far. Japan
had just before struck her blow In the
The funeral took place In Broken Hill
on Monday, leaving his late residence.
140 Morgan Street, at 11 a.m. He was
buried in the Church of England Ceme-
tery, where the service was delivered by
Father D. A. White. The bearers were
Messrs. A. Renaldson. J. G. Polklng-
horne. J. Forth. J. Heuzenroeder, G.
Lord and B. Tester. Fred J. Potter &
Son had charge of the arrangements.
Birthca 1867
Death1949, Broken Hill, NSW47271 Age: 82
Memoage 82
Marriage1885, Milparinka, NSW47272
ChildrenCarl Thomas (ca1885-1969)
 Mabel (1890-)
 Selmar William (1891-1970)
 William (Died as Infant) (1894-1894)
 Moritz Wilfred (1896-1986)
 Herman Hugo (1898-1916)
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