Lehmann Henschke - Person Sheet
Lehmann Henschke - Person Sheet
NameLOHMEYER, Gottlieb Johann Edward Julius
Birth7 Mar 1849, Lichtenlagen, Brunswick, Prussia7202,67158,67159
Immigration22 Aug 1879, ‘Sophie’67158,67159,67160 Age: 30
Death1 Dec 1929, Stepney, SA67161 Age: 80
OccupationCivil Engineer67159
Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Thursday 5 December 192967161


LOHMEYER— On the 1st December, at
his residence, 12, Morcomb-street. Step-
ney, Julius G. J. E., the beloved husband
of Anna Lohmeyer, in his 81st year, leav-
lng 7 sons, 4 daughters, and 27 grand-
“At home with the Lord.”

Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954) Thursday 12 December 192967159


Mr. Julius Lohmeyer, who died at
his residence at Morcomb-street, Step-
ney, on Sunday, was born at Lichten-
hagen, Brunswick (Germany), on
March 7, 1849. He graduated as civil
engineer, and hearing glowing reports
of Australia left Hamburg in the
Sophie in 1879. The reports of Aus-
tralia had been greatly exaggerated
as far as his profession was concerned,
and employment was unobtainable. His
first work in Australia was the laying
of waterpipes at Norwood. Many miles  
were walked in search of work,
ranging from Hawker to places
all along the River Murray. Mr. Loh-
meyer served in the departments of the
Engineer-in-Chief, Chief Engineer,
for Railways, Roads and Bridges, and
Surveyor-General. In railway con-
struction work he was on the
Quorn to Oodnadatta line, and
the Silverton to Cockburn line, and
in the building of bridges worked at
Willaston, Kapunda, Callington, and
Hamley Bridge. As architect he de-
signed the roof of the Savings Bank in
Currie-street, besides several church
halls. He also designed the traverser
to bring narrow-gauge engines to
the workshops on broad gauge lines.  
This system appeared in the London
'Engineer' some time later. He was
also employed as designer at the gold-
fields in Western Australia and the
silver mines at Broken Hill. On Janu-
ary 10, 1884, he married Anna, the
fourth daughter of the late Rev. C.
Maschmedt, then Lutheran minister
of St. Stephen's Church, Adelaide and
Kelmzig. There was a family of 13
children, and besides the widow there
are seven sons and four daughters survi-
ing— Messrs. C. Lohmeyer (Unley),
L. Lohmeyer (Largs Bay), Lohmeyer
(Knoxville), C. Lohmeyer (Port Wake
field), Lohmeyer (Parkside), A. Loh-
meyer (Stepney), J. Lohmeyer (Port
Vincent), and Mesdames A. Thiele
(Burnside), and A. Chomel (Stepney),
Misses A. and M. Lohmeyer (Stepney).
There are also 27 grandchildren.
South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) Saturday 6 September 187967160


Per SOPHIE, barque, from Hamburg— Dr. Fiege,
Messrs. Guatav Struckmayer, G. Qneensell, August
Blume, in the first cabin; and Messrs. Frederick,
Fredericka, EmmaMarie, and Clara Elsholz; Jehan,
Johanna, Fred, August, Pauline, Carl, Bertha, and
Hermann Fimmel; Frederick, Dorothea, F., and D.
Walsch; Martin, Anne, M., P., F., E., and M. Starich;
Herman, Ernestine, L., R_, C , and A. Hoffmann; Ben
jamin. Christine, O., C. A., W. Palsz; Julius Zander,
W. Roeger. H. Valtink, A_ C. and A. Schreiber;
Fied. Emily, and M. Stache; Herman and Pauline,
H., P., E., W., B., L., E., J. Eisenberg; Wilhelm,
Louise. H., E., B., C. Fettke; Marie Krusanka, Annie
Spade; Robert, Caroline, and Marie Wilke; Carl and
Louise Knoenagel, T. Ewald, H. Zimmer, J. KlULar, H.
Bohm, F. Fischer, H. Schrader, M. Roose, J. and A.
Lohmeyer, Wilhelm Jahanning, A. Bartz, H. Hase, F.
Rasmussen, N. Chiistofersen, H Derries, Anvers Jons
son, H Rassmnssen, Adolf Henteler. O. Prnesser;
Heinricb, Wilhelmine, O., H-, A. Noeske: August
Semler; Stanislaus, M.. T., A., and T. Matys; J.
Engler, J., M., F., and S. Bnda; Andreas, Bosa, M.
and N. Andrass. L. Wiemann , C. Muiler. Paul
Focraster, F. and E. Meyer, Kobert Petersen.
Birth5 Apr 1862
Death16 Oct 1934, Maylands, SA67162 Age: 72
MotherKEISKER, Henrietta (1825-1909)
Marriage10 Jan 1884, SA67163,67159
ChildrenChristian Ludwig Adolf (1885-)
 Clamor Wilhelm Gustav (1892-1972)
 Augusta Bertha (1895-)
 Eliza Henrietta (1896-)
 Herold Wilhelm (1897-)
 Mathilde Regina (1899-)
 Alwin August (1901-1961)
 Julius Alfred (1906-)
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