Lehmann Henschke - Person Sheet
Lehmann Henschke - Person Sheet
NameHOLTZE, Maurice William
Birth8 Jul 1840, Hanover, Germany117612
Death12 Oct 1923, American River, Kangaroo Island, SA117612,117613,117614 Age: 83
News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954) Sat 13 Oct 1923117613


Veteran Scientist
Mr. Maurice William Holtze, I.S.O.,
Ph.D.. F.L.S. (Director of the Adelaide
Botanic Garden from June, 1891, until
his retirement six years ago), died last
night at Kangaroo Island. He succeeded
the late Dr. R. Schomburgk.
Born in Hanover. Germany, on July,
8, 1840. the late Dr. Holtze was a son
of the Chief Inspector of Orphan Houses'
there. He was educated at the Hilde-
sheim and Osnahruck Gymnasium and
Technical Commercial High School, and
studied botany under Professor Lennis,
and horticulture at the Royal Gardens
of Hanover and Imperial Gardens at St.
Dr. Holtze arrived in Australia in
September, 1872, and was for 18 years
Curator at the Botanic Garden at Port
Darwin, before his appointment to Ade-
laide Garden. In June. 1913, he was
created a member of the Imperial Ser-
vice Order.
The late Dr. Holtze had been living
at American River. Kangaroo Island,
with his only daughter (Mrs. C. W.
Hughes) since his retirement from the
directorate of the Garden. He passed
his eighty-third birthday, and his great
age and his failing vigor were no doubt
the cause of his death.
Dr. Angas Johnson, one of the Board
of Governors of the Botanic Garden, was
an intimate personal friend, and had a
great regard for this fine old botanist.
Every week Dr. Johnson was in corre-
spondence with Dr. Holtze. whose
degree was that of Doctor of Philologie,
which corresponds to our Doctor of
Science. On September 1 a letter from
Mrs. Hughes was received by Dr. John-
son to the effect that the failing energies
of the late scientist prevented his usual
weekiy letter being written.
On September 7 a present of desirable
comforts was forwarded by Dr. John-
son, and in reply he received a grateful
letter of thanks from Dr. Holtze under
his own hand. This was one of the
last letters he wrote. On Sunday, Octo-
ber 7, the last letter to Dr. Johnson was
written. In it the late Dr. Holtze
stated that owing to the inclemency of
the weather he had taken to his bed,
concluding with the words, "Well, we
must hope to see you soon, bringing
bright sunshine. With best love from
all to all."
Dr. Holtze was loved and honored by
a large circle of friends through-
out the State. He was a wonderful or-
ganiser and a great gatherer of botani-
cal collections for the gardens. He or-
ganised the Mylor Type Orchard, one of
the Government experimental plots. For
this purpose he secured the worst avail-
able land. Here he gathered from all
parts of the world as complete a collec-
tion of fruit trees in duplicate as could
be found anywhere. His idea was that
Cables continued on inside pages
when people settled they would have
better land than the Mylor plot. Per-
haps they would want to grow a certain
variety of apples, of which there are no
less than 1,500 different named sorts at
Mylor. Then when any orchardist wan-
ted a specimen he could go to Mylor, see
the apple, taste it, and get either grafts
or buds.
In addition there are 1,100 varieties of
pears. 60 of persimmons. and a great va-
riety of many other fruits.
Mr. Bailey, the succesor in the direc-
torate of the Botanical Garden, is car-
rying on the good work, and he has an
excellent practical overseer (Mr. Til-
lings), who was trained by Dr. Holtze.
Following the terrible drought of 1914
the type orchard of Mylor sent a collec-
tion of pears and apples to Tasmania
as competitors in the show there
against all Australia. South Australia
won the honors in both classes.
The last resting place of Dr. Holtz
will be in the Penneshaw Cemetery, at
Hog Bay, Kangaroo Island, not far
from the historic spot where Baudin,
the French navigator, marked a rock in
1803. This rock is now In the Adelaide
Museum and a faithful cast of it marks
the spot.
Dr Holtze has left a widow, a daugh-
ter (Mrs. Hughes), and two sons (Mr.
Vadirnar Holtze, in charge of the tele-
graph department at Daly Waters, and
Mr. Alexis Holtze, of Victoria).
Birthca 1848117615
Death6 Jul 1937, SA117615,117616 Age: 89
Marriage23 Apr 1867117612
ChildrenNicholas (1866-1913)
 Wladimir (1867-1961)
 Ludmilla (1871-1971)
 Alexis Leopold (1883-)
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