Duncan Gow and Ursula Mouat (Moad)

Ursula Mouat was born in Northmavine, Shetland on 23 June 1835, the first-born daughter of Arthur Mouat and Martha nee Smith.  Ursula was christened in the Church of Scotland.

    Ursula married Duncan Gow on 5 March 1860 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Duncan Gow, the son of Duncan and Jane,  was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on 25 Nov 1835.  Duncan, like his father, was to become a tailor.   In 1841 he (aged 5), and his sister Elizabeth (aged 2), were living with his parents in Canongate, Edinburgh.  In the 1851 census he is described as a apprentice tailor living in Canongate, Edinburgh with relatives, Christopher Morris (aged 51, also a tailor, originally from Wales) and his wife Jane (aged 38, a bookfolder).  By 1861 he is a journeyman tailor, living in Canongate with his wife Ursula and daughter, Martha, aged 9 months.

    Ursula and Duncan had ten children in Edinburgh: Martha Jane, DuncanJemima, Arthur, Forbes, James, William Gillespie, Robert Tulloch, John Percy and John.  Jemima and John Percy died in infancy.

    In 1877, Duncan, Ursula and eight children boarded the La Hogue in London to immigrate Australia.  Their youngest son, John, was to die on the voyage on 11 September.  They disembarked in Sydney on 17 November 1877.


Duncan died in Leichhardt, NSW aged 88 on 9 June 1924.   Ursula also died in Leichhardt, NSW aged 80 on 31 May 1916.  Both are buried in Rockwood cemetery.


Jeannie Mueller

Four generations.  From left to right: Lilian Grace Ursula Williams (nee Heard), Philip Harold Williams, Martha Jane Heard (nee Gow) and Ursula Gow (nee Mouat).

Duncan Gow (ca 1906)

Ursula Gow (nee Mouat) with children Martha, Duncan and Arthur (ca 1866).

Robert Forbes Gow son of Forbes Gow and Rachel Ann (nee Baker)