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The Cornwall (rigging: ship, 872 tons, construction: teak, owner: J Somes, agent: Lachlan & Co, registry: London) was built in Calcutta, India in 1811.  The ship is known to have made several voyages to Australian and New Zealand.

12 May 1839 -  1 Sep 1839 from Gravesend, England to Sydney (master John Cow)  (387 passengers)

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Passenger List

The passenger data comes from the microfilm records of State Records New South Wales [1].  The passenger list for the 1839 voyage of the Cornwall (381 names) is also available as part of Bounty Immigration New South Wales 1828 - 1842 [2].  The CDROM provides a transcription of the microfilm records.  A partial passenger list and transcripts of a journal and the report of the ship's surgeon relating to this voyage are also available [3].

Excerpt from the Surgeons Report on the Cornwall[4].

"TONNAGE:  870. Sailed from Gravesend on 12th. May 1839 and arrived on 1st. September 1839.  112 Days
on board were: 150 Adult Males. 101 Adult Females. Children: 50 Male;  74 Females; Infants 12.
Nine Males & Nine Females died on board. Main afflictions were Fever, Diarrhoea, Scurvy, & with the children Rubella, Scarlet Fever, Bowel (infection) from the irritation of teething. No one was confined to bed during the last 6 weeks – good state of health on arrival.  Five children born on board."

Excerpt from the journal of T Hatfull who siled on the Cornwall [5].

"The Cornwall East India-man of 873 tons burden Class 1.Q.,  J. Somes Esq. owner., commanded by J.Cow Esq., left Deptford on Sunday May 5th 1839. towed by two steamboats and passed Greenwich Hospital at 3 o’clock p.m.  She arrived at Gravesend at dusk the same evening, the following day the sailors were busy about the ships rigging etc. On Tuesday the 7th she received on board 387 Emigrants, Kentish People, comprising 150 men, 94 women & 143 children under 15 years, bound for Sidney, New South Wales."



Ships Surgeon

M. D.

Passengers [6]

First name (age)
Roberts [image]
James (45) 
Sandhurst, Kent William and Sarah Roberts
[7] Sarah (37)
house servant
Sandhurst, Kent Edward and Sarah Chantler
.....James (17)

.....John (8)

.....Edward (3)

[7] [image] .....Sarah (16)

.....Harriett (13)

.....Maria (11)

.....Mary (8)

.....Martha (4)

Chapman [image]
Thomas (32)
earthenware manufacturer
Benenden, Kent
John and Maryann Chapman

Maryann (30)
farm servant
Benenden, Kent
William and Phillidelphia Clout

.....John (8)

.....Thomas (4)

.....Sarah (10)

.....Elizabeth (6)

Groves [8] [image]
John (36)
William and Sarah Groves
Philadelphia (43)
house servant
Sandhurst, Kent
Samuel James and Hannah Bayley

.....George (11)

.....Harriett (8)

Mallion [10] [image]
Henry (23)
Sandhurst Kent
John and Ann Mallion

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Newspaper Reports

Contents * Brief Description * Passenger List * Newspaper Reports * References * Links * Ship Index

References and Notes

[1]  The passenger list of the Cornwall is on microfilm reel 1301.  State Records New South Wales.  See also the on-line Index to Miscellaneous Immigrants. The microfilm of shipping list is online - 1839 1 Sep Cornwall Reel 2654, [4/4780]
[2]  Bounty Immigration New South Wales 1828 - 1842 Macbeth Genealogical Sevices (a DiggerTM powered CD-ROM).  The CD-ROM is available for viewing in many libraries including the National Library of Australia.
[3]  A partial passenger list (provides parents names/origin/ages/occupations and number/gender of children under 7 and under 14) is available.  The original source of the material is unknown but is different to [1] and [2].
[4]  Microfilm reel 356 Assisted Immigrants Ships 1828-42.  State Records New South Wales.
[5]  T Hatfull.  The Journal of a Voyage taken in the Cornwall East India-man., Capt. John Cow, to Sidney, New South Wales, Norfolk Island, Madras, The Island of Ceylon, Bombay and the Isles of France and St. Helena. A.D. 1839 & 40. (Avaliable: Mitchell Library, Sydney, NSW. ML  Ref:  CY533  (ML/ MSS 1453).
[6]  Data for passengers (names/ages) as it appears in [1] or [2] except as noted [7-10].
[7]  Sarah's name is given as Jacob in [1].  The microfilm record has been sighted and this appears to be a transcription error.  The parents' names given serve to confirm Sarah's identity.
[8]  Surname appears as Grones in [1].
[9]  Mother's surname is given as Burley in [1].
[10]  Surname appears as Marlion in [1].


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Microfilm of shipping list 1839 1 Sep Cornwall Reel 2654, [4/4780] (State Records of NSW)
State Records Authority of New South Wales - Index to Miscellaneous Immigrants
Mary Ann Clout and Thomas Chapman (Mote Genealogy)
Thomas and Mary Ann (nee Clout) Chapman
Walter Weekes (Mote Genealogy)

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