James Robards and Sarah Chandler
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   James Robards was born in December 1789.  He was the second son and third child of William Roberts and Sarah Longley [1].  He was baptised at St Nicholas, Sandhurst, Kent on 31 Jan 1790.  James was a carpenter.   Sarah Chandler was born on 14 May 1802 and was baptized at St Nicholas, Sandhurst, Kent on 2 August 1802.  She was the eldest child of Edward Chantler and Sarah Knowlden [1].  Sarah married James Robards in Sandhurst in ca 1821.
St Nicholas 1797

St Nicholas, Sandhurst 3rd November 1860

Sepia drawing by William F. Saunders. Image by kind permission of the Kent Archaeological Society

Sandhurst map

Map of Sandhurst, Kent, 1878

Image produced from the www.old-maps.co.uk service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd. and Ordinance Survey

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   James and Sarah had eight children (James, Sarah, Harriet, Emma, Mary, John, Martha and Edward).  All were baptised in the Wesleyan Church, Sandhurst by Cranbrook.
   James, Sarah and their eight children immigrated to Australia aboard the Cornwall in 1839.  Others of the Roibards family had or would also go to Australia.  These include James' brother, John (wife, Martha nee Reeves, and family in 1838 on the Maitland), five of Sarah's sisters, Harriet (husband, Richard Ransley, and family in 1839 on the Roxburgh Castle), Elizabeth (husband, Thomas Avard, and family in 1838 on the Westminster), Emma (husband, David Sonter, and family in 1838 on the Maitland), Jane (husband, William Clout, and family in 1839 on the Roxburgh Castle) and Martha (in 1841 on the Fairlie).  A nephew of James, Henry  also travelled to Australia on the Cornwall.  The Cornwall departed Gravesend on 12 May 1839 and on 1 Sep 1839 the Robards family arrived in Australia.  The immigration records give James' occupation as carpenter.  Sarah's occupation, also given in the immigration records, was house servant.
   The Robards family settled initially in Parramatta, NSW.  The family is recorded in the 1841 census of the colony.
   Little is known of James following his arrival in NSW.  No death record for James has been found.  However, it is presumed he died before 1846 when Sarah moved with her family to settle at Garra, near Molong.  Sarah died on 3 Jun 1885 at Garra and was buried on 5 Jun 1885 in the Methodist section of Molong  Cemetery.

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Life Events Index, The Molong Express [3]

ROBARDS  Sarah  Death  June 06, 1885  Garra  

Mrs Sarah Robards died at Mr J Rubie's residence, Garra, on 2nd inst. aged 85 years, 30 of which had been spent in this district. She was the mother of Mrs Rubie, James Robards, John Robards, Edward Robards, Mrs Sloggett, Mrs J Wilson (Sydney), Mrs Ward and Mrs Flanagan (Bathurst). The old lady leaves one of the largest number of descendants of any parent that has yet come to the colony.


        of james Robards and sarah Chandler

Descendants of James Robards and Sarah Chandler


Pedigree of James Robards

Pedigree of James Robards

Pedigree of Sarah Chandler

Pedigree of Sarah Chandler

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References and Notes

[1]  The family names Robards and Chandler have fixed in Australia.  In the Sandhurst parish records we find Robart, Robarts, Roberts and Robards and similarly Chantler and Chandler.
[2]  The Cornwall shipping records indicate 6 children but the two eldest children, James and Sarah, being older than 14, would have had separate listing.
[3]  Transcription provided by the Molong Historical Society.
[4] Parramatta Pioneer Register - Volume 2, Settlement to 1920 Parramatta and District Historical Society, Parramatta, NSW p 196 (2003).

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