Moad Oates - Person Sheet
Moad Oates - Person Sheet
NameWHITMEE, Samuel
Birth1865, Mount Pleasant, Bathurst, NSW8772,4107
Death5 Jul 1931, Orange, NSW5399,8773 Age: 66
FatherWHITMEE, Charles (1807-1876)
MotherWOOLLEY, Eliza (1833-1884)
Molong Express and Western District Advertiser (NSW : 1887 - 1954) 8773

Mr. Samuel Whitmee.
The death occurred at Orange
on Sunday night of a very highly
esteemed resident of Orange in
the person of Ald. Samuel Whit-
mee, who for the past six months
had been ailing in health. Throu-
ghout the whole of the district, in
which he had spent the greater
portion of his life, Mr. Whitmee
had gained the deep regard of all
classes, and his death is regretted
all circles. His passing marks the
conclusion of a life that was spent
in the interests of his fellows, and
of a man whose uppermost though-
ts were for the advancement of
Australia and Australians. He was
born at Bathurst 67 years ago,
and when a lad of 14 years mov-
ed on to Millthorpe, where the
Whitmee family purchased the
'Hawthorn Dell ' property, which
derived its name from the five
miles of hawthorn hedge planted
there by an Englishman who was
a prior owner. Here he and his
brothers carried on scientific far-
ming operations, and the holding
was known as one of the most
highly improved and prolific crop-
pers in a rich district. From early
manhood he took a keen interest
in Local Government affairs. The
appointment of the first provin-
cial council for the Canobolas
Shire found him occupying a seat
to attend to the wants of the dis-
trict, and of the first elected
council in 1907 he filled the posi-
tion of president. Shortly after
that the Government appointed
him to the Closer Settlement
Board, and the duties he was call-
ed upon to perform on this body
left him with insufficient time to
attend to the needs of the shire,
and he resigned. In 1914, 'Haw-
thorn Dell' was disposed of, and
Ald. Whitmee took up his resid-
ence in Orange, and in 1922 the
confidence that the people of the
town manifested in him was
shown by his election to the
Municipal Council. As an alder-
man, which office he held up until
the time of his death, he proved
himself as a man with progressive
ideas. In 1930 he occupied the
position of Mayor of Orange and
during that term he officially re-
presented Orange at the opening
of the Molong swimming baths
and also at the official switching
on of the electric light undertak-
ing. At an earlier period he was
one of the speakers at the opening
of the Molong Hospital maternity
ward, in connection with the erec-
tion of which the Whitmee fam-
ily played an honored and gener-
ous part. During the Great War
he did perhaps his greatest work
for Australians. Imbued with the
desire to do something for the men
of the continent, who were in
France, he, in 1916, went to Eng-
land on his own behalf, and, on
the advice of Sir Neville Howse,
joined the Red Cross contingent
working amongst the soldiers.
Here his wishes to be of service
were materialised, for the self-im-
posed works he undertook meant
much to the suffering and maim-
ed men from the battlefields. As
in Australia the quality of the
man was speedily recognised, and
he was appointed to take charge
of two huge camps. It was whilst
engaged in this work that the sad
news was conveyed to him of the
death of his son, Harold, who was
killed in action. After the war, he
returned to Orange and spent the
majority of his time in civic mat-
ters. Politics also attracted his in-
terest, and at one time he stood
for the Country Party against ex-
Senator ' Jupp' Gardiner, and
was defeated by only 250 votes. In
the business world his abilities
were also recognised. Ald. Whit-
mee was twice married, and Mr.
Stan Whitmee, of Sale Street, is
the only surviving child of the
union, whilst Mrs. Whitmee

and two young daughters— Mar-
ion and Leonie — are left to mourn
the loss of a dear one from the
second marriage. Ever since he re-
linquished the position of Mayor,
Ald. Whitmee had been in ill-
health, and for six months had
been confined to his room or the
house. His death was due to lung
trouble. Mr. Charles Whitmee, of
Lockwood, is now the only surviv-
ing member of the original family.
The funeral took place on Tues-
day afternoon.
Birth14 Feb 1864, Castlereagh, NSW86
Death2 Jul 1895, Sydney, NSW86,8771 Age: 31
Memoparents John, Mary
FatherCAPPS, John (1830-1904)
MotherSHACKLES, Ann Elizabeth (1831-1899)
Marriage7 Apr 1891, Spring Hill, NSW86,8774
ChildrenStanley Arthur (1892-1968)
 Harold E (1893-)
Birth1886, Petersham, NSW8775
Death1952, Orange, NSW8776 Age: 66
Marriage1921, Burwood, NSW8777
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