Ancestors of James Moad and Annie Ursula Oates

last modified 10 August 2020
This file details the ancestors of my paternal grandparents James Moad (JM) and Annie Ursula Oates (AUO) .  It also summarises the descendants of various families related to JM and AUO who emigrated from various parts of the UK to New South Wales in the period 1826-1865 to settle in the vicinity of Millthorpe, NSW.

They came on:
the South Carolina in 1857 Arthur Moad* and his son Arthur Northmavine, Shetland Is
the Commodore Perry in 1861 Arthur Moad* and Martha (nee Smith) and family Northmavine, Shetland Is
the Chapman in 1826 William Ward and his parents, John Ward and Sarah (nee Locke), and family Hythe, Kent
the Cornwall in 1839 Sarah Robards and her parents, James Robards and Sarah (nee Chandler), and family Sandhurst, Kent
the Fitzjames in 1858 Thomas Oates St Keverne, Cornwall
the Blundell in 1853 Elizabeth Thomas and her parents, William Thomas and Mary (nee Coplin), and family St Keverne, Cornwall
the Hornet in 1865 Elizabeth Oates (nee Williams) St Keverne, Cornwall
* Arthur returned to the Shetland Is to bring his wife and the remainder of his family to Australia

James and Annie
                  Ursula (nee Oates)

James Moad and Annie Ursula Oates

The listing of descendants has been truncated at my grandfather's generation to place a finite limit on the document and avoid some of the concerns of those now living.




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