Johann Gottfried Henschke and Marie Elisabeth Koch
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    Johann Gottfried Henschke was born in Krondorf, South Australia on 24 May 1856 [1].  His parents were  Johann Christian Henschke and Dorothea Elisabeth (nee Schmidt).  He was confirmed on 9 October 1870 at the Zum Kripplein Christi Lutheran church in Krondorf.  On 15 April 1880 he married Marie Elisabeth Koch at Trinity Lutheran Church in Rowlands Flat. The ceremony was performed by Pastor Phillip J Oster.  Witnesses were W Koch, RF Grocke, and FW Grocke.
     Marie Elisabeth was born on 20 February 1859 in Rowlands Flat, the first born child of Johann Gottlieb Koch and Johanna Caroline (nee Schultz).  Marie Elisabeth was baptized at Rowlands Flat on 20 March 1859 by Pastor Phillip J Oster.  Her sponsors were Wilhelm Koch, Ernestine Wihelmina Koch and Elenore Maschner.
    The couple lived at Krondorf.  Johann Gottfried was a farmer. 
    Johann Gottfried and Marie Elisabeth had a family of three: Carl Benno (1881), Auguste Helena (1882) and Louise Hulda (1892).  All were born at Krondorf.
    Johann Gottfried died on 26 March 1905.  Marie Elisabeth died on 12 December 1931.  Both are buried in the Krondorf cemetery.

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References and Notes

[1]  No record of Johann Gottfried's christening has been found.  However, the Bethany baptismal register shows that a christening did occur at Krondorf of a child born on 24 May 1856.  No name is given but said in the register to be to be "probably Schultz".  Johann Gottfried's confirmation record (Krondorf confirmation register: no. 8) shows his date of birth.
[2]  Henschke Heritage Henschke Heritage Group Inc.: Adelaide, 1995 (p 153).
[3]  Koch Connections Koch Family Reunion Committee: Adelaide, 1997 (pp 339-341).

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