Johann Christian Henschke and Dorothea Elisabeth Schmidt
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J C Henschke
        and DE (nee Schmidt)  Biography

     Johann Christian Henschke was born in Kutschlau in the district of Züllichau, Brandenberg on December 24, 1803.  He had one, at least one bother Johann Martin and, it is thought [1], another Johann Georg who also immigrated to South Australia.  Little is known about his early life.   He married Appolonia Wilhelmine Sparmann sometime before 1830.  Christian and Wilhelmine had four children - Johann Gottlieb (ca. 1830), Johann August (23 Jul 1832), Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (22 Dec 1834) and Johanna Luise (Sep 1840).  The immigration records [2] give his occupation as cottager and journeyman mason.
     In 1841, the Henschke Family embarked on the Skjold [3] departing Altona (near Hamburg) on 3 Jul 1841.  Christian's bother, Martin, and his family were also on board.   The voyage was to have tragic consequences for the Henschke family.  Deaths on the voyage included Christian's wife, two of his children - Johanne Louise (d 29 Jun 1841, in Hamburg prior to departure) and Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (d 30 Sep 1841, at sea) - and his niece (also Johanne Louise).  The Skjold arrived in South Australia on 27 Oct 1841 
     Christian and his children settled in initially in Lobethal [5].  Johann Christian Henschke is reported as a farmer in Allan's Almanac of 1844 [6] and is described as a wheelwright in early church documents [1].
     In 1843, Johann Christian Henschke married Dorothea Elisabeth Schmidt.  Dorothea Elisabeth Schmidt was born on 11 Oct 1819 in Skampe, also in the district of Züllichau, Brandenberg, the daughter of Gottlob Schmidt and Anna Dorothea (nee Kluge).  She had arrived in Australia aboard the Zebra in 1838 with her parents, brothers (Gottfried, Johann Gottlob) and sisters (Anna Dorothea, Anna Elisabeth Rosina).  The couple's first two children, Johann Carl Ferdinand (b 1 Jan 1844) and Johann Christian (b 13 Aug 1845) were born in Lobethal.
     In ca 1847 Johann Christian, Dorothea Elisabeth and their family moved to the Krondorf area.  His brother, Martin was already resident in the area.  Their son Paul Gotthard (b 9 Aug 1847) was baptised at Bethany, five further children Johanna Dorothea Elisabeth (27 Jun 1850),  Maria Christina (5 Aug 1852), Johann Traugott Gotthilf (18 Aug 1854), Johann Gottfried (b 24 May 1856) and Emma Helena (17 Aug 1858) were baptised at Krondorf.
     In 1862 Johann Christian purchased 80 acres of land in North Rhine (later Keyneton).  A house and a winery were built on the property.  The first wines were sold in 1868 marking the beginning of Henschke Wines [1].  On his death, this property passed to his son Paul Gotthard.
     Christian died, aged 69, on 9 Dec 1873 after  injuries from being kicked by a horse.   The entry in the Krondorf burial register contains the following information: 'Johann Christian Henschke d 9 Dec 1873, age 70, buried 10 Dec 1873 (Krondorf), b 24 Dec 1803, husband of Dorothea Elisabeth Henschke (nee Schmidt) was, by profession, wheelwright and mason, came to SA on 26 Oct 1841. Layreader at the Krondorf Church.'
     Dorothea Elisabeth died, aged 74, on 26 Oct 1898.  She is buried in a separate plot in the Krondorf cemetery.

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Johann Christian Henschke
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