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The Alfred, a 3 masted ship of 562 ton (om), 604 ton (nm) was built at Lulea, Sweden in 1841 as the Australia.  On 30 November 1844, the Australia was purchased from Liliewalch of Stockholm by the Hamburg firm of J C Godeffroy & Sohn, who renamed her the Alfred.

Under the command of H.E. Deckers, the Alfred departed Hamburg, 20 Aug 1848 with 275 passengers on board and arrived in South Australia on 8 Dec 1848.

A second voyage to Adelaide under H.E. Deckers left Hamburg on 27 Oct 1849 and arrived in South Australia on 31 Jan 1850.

The Alfred also undertook a voyage to Melbourne in 1853/1854 under the command of H. Bruhns.

The Alfred  was re-rigged as a bark sometime between 1850 and 1853.  She was sold to Norwegian interests in 1855, renamed Rhea, and placed under the command of Captain Eckersberg.  No further information is known [4].

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1848 Passenger List

No official passenger list has been located for Alfred.  The following list is based on those which appears on various web sites and augmented by information from The Ahrens Family [1] and other references [2,3].


Ships Surgeon
Anton (ca 1818)

Cabin Passengers


Steerage Passengers
ALBERT [2,5,7,12] Andreas (1905) daylabourer
ARNOLD [5,6,7,12] Johann Gottlob (1822) shepherd from Neundorf, Silesia
BACHMANN [5,7,12] Johann Gottfried (ca 1808) agriculturist

Caroline (ca 1817)
BEER [5,7,12] Johann Gottfried (1780) agriculturist from Goldberg, Silesia

Anna Rosina nee SELVREIBRAU (1779)
BEER [5,7,12] Samuel Gottfried (1827, son of Johann Gottfried) agriculturist from Freihan, Silesia

Ernestine nee REIMANN (1828)

.... Emma Bertha Christine (1847)
BEER [7,12] Ernst Wilhelm (1821) agriculturist

Henrietta nee KORTZERTZKY (1825)

.....Mary Grace (ca 1845)

.....Mathilde Pauline (ca 1847)
Catherine (24) from Hamburg
BERGER [7,12] Charles Wm (ca 1818) labourer
BUTZ [5,12] Charles (ca 1830) agriculturist from Westphalia
CLAUSSEN [5,12] H C from Altona
CUMME [5,12] Robert August (1826) from Hanover
DEUTSCHER [2,5,7,12] Michael (1811)

Joahnna Christiana nee SCHWARZ (1816)

....Anna Caroline (1836)

....Augustus Ludwig (1839)

....CarlTraugott (1842)

....Christiana Carolina (1845)

....Ernst Traugott (1848)
DEUTSCHER [2,5,7,12] Peter Andreas (1816, brother of Michael)

Agneta nee ALBERT (1819)
DOPKING [5,12] Diederich Hermann (1809) from Hamburg

Anna Margaretha

....Otto (1842)
FISCHER [5] Detlef Ludwig Theodor (1809)

Maria Friedricke Margarethe nee STRAHLENDORF (1809)

....Friedrich Theodor (1834)

....Dorothea Lydia Awoline (1836)

....Justus Wilhelm Christian (1837)
FISHER [7,12] Anthony, carpenter

FLEISCHER [5,12] Johann (1815) from Groditz, Saxony

Maria nee GUDE (1812)

....Johanna (1838)

....Martha Maria (1841)

....Anna Christiane (1844)

....Magdalena (1847)
FLUDER [5,7,12] Joseph (5 in family) - agriculturist
FORESTER [7,12] Charles E. (7 in family) - clothmaker
FRANK [12]
Johann Friedrich agriculturalist from Mecklenberg
FRITSCHE [5,7,12] Gottfried Augustus (1815) tailor

Johanne Christine nee NOSIG
GAERTNER [5,12] W G from Dresden
GEIER [5,7,12] Johann Godfried (ca 1784) tinsmith

....Christiane Henriette (1813)

....Carl Louis (1818)

....Ernst Hermann (1820)

....Hermann Julius (1823)

....Eduard Erdmann (1825)

....Ernestine Amalie (1827)
GODRIED [7] John (6 in family) - Mason
GOGLER [5,6.12] Heinrich Benno Friedrich Feodor (1827) from Wustewaltersdorf, Silesia

Auguste Leopoldine nee SCHNEIDER (1829)
GOTWALD [5] Gottfried





GRAFF [5,12] William (1815) from Silesia
HAASE [5,12] J A A





HANSEN [5,12] J H from Berlin

HEINZE [2,7,12]
Agneta (1826) from Wartha, Lusatia
HEINZE Anna (sister of Agneta)
HEINZE Benjamin (brother of Agneta)
HELMKE [5,12] F R from Frankfurt
HENNIG [5,7,12] Charles carpenter


....Carl Friedrich August (1842)

HERA [5,12] Francis
HERSCH [5,12] Augustus
HITTMANN [5,7] Peter from Saxony
HOFFMANN [5,7,9] Carl Rudolf Hermann, blacksmith

Augusta Ernstina nee HOHNE
....August (1841) from Breslau, Silesia


HOFFMANN [7] Charles (ca 1820) agriculturist
HOLTSCHIN [5,12] Sophia (1819) from Saxony

HUSSO [5] Josephine from Berlin, governess
JANTKE [7] Alberta (ca 1824) servant
JARCHOW [5,12] Daniel (ca 1803) baker
IMS [5,7,12] Francis from Silesia

JAHNKE [5,12] Albertine Dorothea (1821) from Wulkow, Silesia
JORGENSON [1,5,12] Christian Seidler

Helene Therese

....Therese Christiane (1841)

....Johanne Margarethe (1843)

....Christian Emanuel (1845)

....Carl Frederick (1846)
KARTNKE [5,7,12] John (ca 1822) shoemaker
KAULVERS [5,12] John Emiel (ca 1807) blacksmith from Saxony
KAUSCHKE [5,7,12] Friedrich Johannes (1818) from Silesia
KIRCHNER [5,7,12] Gottlieb (4 in family) tailor

Ludwiner nee KENNER


KIRCHNER [5,7,12] Johann Christian (ca 1817, 5 in family) - agriculturist from Wangten, Silesia

Anna Rosina nee HEINKE (ca 1822)

....Ernestine (1843)

....Anna Auguste Pauline (1844)

....Anna Ernestine Pauline (ca 1845)

....Carl Heinrich O (1846)
KLINKOWSTROEM [5,7] Maximilian (Lutheran?)
KLUGE [5,7,12] John (7 in family) carpenter






Aloysius jesuit priest
KROHN [5,7,12]
Louis (3 in family) - Tailor


KRONCKE [5,12]
Carl Gotthardt (ca 1809)

....Johann Heinrich Augustus (ca 1835)

Maria nee Dechow (ca 1817)

KUHN [7, 12]
Elizabeth (ca 1822) servant
LESCHKE [7,12]
Gustave (3 in family) clothmaker
LIEBE [2,5,7,12]
Johann Gottfried (1821) miller from Elsdorf, Saxony

Magdelene Maria nee DEUTSCHER (1815)

....Johanna Christiana HERMANN (1835)

....Carl August HERMANN (1840)

....Johanna Juliana HERMANN (1844)
LUDWIG [7,12]
Frederick (3 in family) clothmaker
Johanna Julianne nee EICHNER

....Carl Wilhelm Heinrich (1829)
Johann clothmaker

Richard clerk from Berlin
Theodore (1828) carpenter fron Westphalia
NASHKE [5,7]
Hugo Hermann Theodor (1822) from Silesia
NEUMANN [5.7,12]
Ernst Friedrich (1819) agriculturist from Silesia


....Hermann Ernst Gustav (1845)
NEUMANN [5,7,12]
Wilhelm cart builder from Silesia




PETSCHEL [2,5,7,10]
Christian Gotthelf (1816) agriculturalist with capital from Ober Neukirch, Saxony

Anna Rosina nee ROESLER

....Carl Christian (1838)

....Christiana Wilhelmina Auguste Henriette (1840)

....Christian August (1842)
PETSCHEL [2,5,7,10,12]
Christian Gustav Wilhelm (1831, brother of Christian Gotthelf) from Ober Neukirch, Saxony
PETSCHEL [2,5,7,10,12]
Christian Karl (1828, brother of Christian Gotthelf) from Ober Neukirch, Saxony
PILZ [7,12]
John Gottlieb - Shoemaker

Johanna Christina

PORSHE [5,12]
Traugott (1824) miller from Saxony
POZHOLD [5,12]
George, agriculturalist from Silesia
Andreas, mason


PREUSKER [7,12] Peter, stonemason



.....Johann Carl August
PREUSKER [7,12] Traugott
PREUSKER [7,12] Johanne
PREUSKER [7,12] Marie
John Gottfried (1804) agriculturist from Berlin

nee GOBEL (1809)

....Ernestine (1836)

....Anna Maria (1839)

....Christiane Auguste (1843)
REISS [5,12] Friedrich Wilhelm (1821) from Gross Schriednitz, Saxony
RANGOTT [2,7,8,12]
Francis August (1806) Agriculturist
Christiana nee GEBAUER
.....Alexander (1840)
RICHTER [5,12] Wilhelm Friedrich (1810) carpenter from Herzogswalde, Silesia

Maria Rosina nee BERGER (1808)

....Ernst Wilhelm August (1836)

....Johan Carl Gottlieb (1840)

....Maria Henriette (1842)
ROSENTHAL [5,6,12] Carl August cabinetmaker from Berlin

Fredericke nee SCHULTZ

SAMULEWSKY [5,7] Andreas carpenter from Silesia



SCHEUERMANN [5] Christian (ca 1807) labourer
SCHLOSSER [5,7] Ferdinand clothmaker
SCHWARTZ [7] Henry (4 in family) - Agriculturist
SCHWARTZ [7] Wm. (2 in family) - Agriculturist
SCUPIN [5,12] John George agriculturist
Charles O carpenter




SEYLER [5] Albert merchant from Breslau
SHIREMAN [5,7,12] George F (ca 1806) cart builder from Silesia
SIMON [5,12] Frederick (ca 1821) from Westphalia
STROTHER [5] Henry (1825, Yorkshire)
STROTHER [5,12] William Hull (1826, Hull)
TEICHELMANN [5] Theodor from Saxony
TOD [5,12] Ferdinand (ca 1822) agriculturist from Westphalia
UEBERGANG [2,7,12]
Carl (1827) carpenter from Merzdorf, Silesia
UNGAR [5,12] Urbin clerk from Rade
VOSZ [5,12] Heinrich Ludwig (1812) from Boden-Werder, Hanover

Friedricke Dorothea Sophie (1810)

....Wilhelm Hartwig Edward (1840)

....Adolph Friedrich Emil (1842)
WEIKERT [5,12]
Francis (ca 1792) (10 in family) agriculturist, Jesuit mission leader from Siegnitz, Silesia

Fransiska (1832)

....Joseph (18467)

....Henry (1820)

WHILE [5,12]
Julius (1826) tinsman from Hamburg
Wm. clockmaker






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Newspaper Reports

South Australian Register

Wednesday 6 December 1848

Thursday Morning, Ten O'Clock.
The ship Alfred, 635 tons, H. E. Decker, commander, from Hamburgh 20th August, and Rio 17th October, arrived last evening,
with 275 passengers, chiefly from Silisea and Saxony. Most of them are small farmers, who intend settling upon the lands of tthe South Australian Company. The Alfred brings no mail. This arrival, with those we announced yesterday, adds to our population more than 1100 souls, within thirty-six hours.

Saturday 9 December 1848

The ship Alfred, 635 tons, H. E. Decker, commander, from Hamburgh 20th August, and Rio 17th October, arrived on Wednesday, with 275 passengers, chiefly from Silisea and Saxony. Most of them are small farmers, who intend settling upon the lands of the South Australian Company. The Alfred was chased by the Danish man-of-war Meander for eight hours, during which as many as eight shots were fired, but the chase escaped by superior sailing. The efforts of the pacificators were incessant, and certain conditions which had been approved by the Diet at Frankfort were forwarded to the Prussian Government for ratification. New levies of troops were stationed close to the boundaries of Jutland, ready to invade if the overtures happened to be rejected. In the meanwhile trade was brisk in Hamburg, and prices were looking up in consequence of the expectations entertained by many commercialists that the blockade would be renewed. The next ship laid on for Adelaide with emigrants, was the Steinwarder, to sail on the 25th August; and to be followed by the Godeffroy, also with emigrants ; and another vessel was said to be under engagement.

Wednesday, December 6 — The ship Alfred, 635 tons, H.E. Decker, from Hamburg 20th August, and Rio de Janerio 17th October. Passengers — Rev. Pastor Kranewiter, and Klinkowstrom, Roman Catholic Priests; Doctor Sokolowsky, Surgeon ; Frederick and Albert Seyler, merchants; Theodor Teichmann and lady, mining officer; Josephine Husse, governess; and G. F. G. Fisher, merchant; in the cabin. In the steerage — Francis Weikert, H. Schwarz, Chas. Wm. Berger, John C. Kirshwer, John G. Poorman, Joseph Fluder, Charles Ubergang, John Kerntke, Charles Hoffman, John Klugue, Louis Krone, Godiove Arnold, Elizabeth Coone, Fredk. Kraushke, Fred. Ludwig, Godfred Bachmann, Charles E. Forster, Ferd. Schloper, Francis August Rangot, Wm. Beer, Wm. Swarz, George F. Shiremann, Samuel Beer, J. Godlfred Gotwald, C. Goolove Pilz, C. O. Semlitzky, Godifred Beer, Charles Henning, Gustavus Leshke, Godlove Kirckner, Augustus Fritsche, Godfried Geier, Antony Fisher. Chas. Hoffmann, Ernest F. Neumann, W. Neumann, F. Wm. Richter, A. Samulewsky, John Michael, W. Wiesener, F. Inns, A. Jantke, from Silesia. Max R Trew. F. Hera, John G. Scupin, George Bleymeyer, Fred. Wm Rice, Rudolph Cumme, F. Gogler, Wm. Graff, C. Butz, Theoder Meundeline, Ferdinand Todd, Julius White, Henry O. W. Strother, C. Rosenthal, Daniel Jarchow, Martin Schreiber, Alex. Phillipi, Fred Simon, A. Deutsher, P. A. Deutsher, John Fleischer, John Godfred Liebe, C. Godfred Batshel, Andreas Prisker, P. Prisker, Traugot Prisker, John E. Kaulvers, Andreas Albert, Christ. Batshell, T. Porshe, C. G. Winkleman, Sophia Heitshin. Jane Prisker, Maria Prisker, Jane Gudin, Anganata Heinzen, P. Hirman, J. A. H. Miller, Cath. Berens, W. E. von Gertner, C. Kronke, J. A. A. Haase, James Mackereth, H. C. Claussen, Urban Ungar, George Frisler, — Frank, — Pezbold, H. L. Voss, — Stein, Fr. Aug. Lagenputsch, Fr. Helmke, Fr. Luhning, Chris. Aug. Jorgensen, J. H. Hansen, G. F. Reuter, Richard Mirow, Hermann Reiss, Lewis Levysohn, Theoder Nushke, Christian Batshell.

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References and Notes

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[7]  The web site of Di Cummings (Bound for South Australia).  This site also has a translation of a  letter written by Father Aloysius Kranewitter describing the voyage.
[8]  The web site of John Day provided a list of the 'Jesuit group' (114 passengers, heads of family only listed).  This web site is no longer active but the same information is contained on Di Cummings web site [7].
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[10] Petschel appears as Batshel in some lists [7].
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[12] The Ships List web site is derived in large part from a transciption of a list of immigrants arriving under United Kingdom assisted passenger schemes that is held by the State Library of South Australia (GRG 35/48a).  This list tends to have many names in an anglicised form.
[13] Johann Heinrich Augustus, son of Carl Gotthard from a previous marriage, is also thought by some to have been on board the Alfred.  A Richard Kroncke (born ca 1832) may also be part of this family (see discussion).  However, there appears no particular reason other than his surname and age to associate him with this family.


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Christian August Petschel

1850 voyage
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