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The George Washington, a 3 masted ship of 450 tons, is thought to have been built in New York in ca 1821.  Between 1839 to 1849 she was owned by Bremen firm of C. L. Brauer & Sohn

Under the command of Mathias Probst, the George Washington departed Hamburg on 23 May, 1844 aand Bremen on 27/29 May.  She berthed in Adelaide on 12 Sep 1844.  She left for Batavia on 3 Oct 1844.

A second voyage to Adelaide under Mathias Probst left Bremen on 11 Oct 1845 and arrived in Adelaide on 20 Jan 1846.  She left for Manilla on 19 February 1846.

A third voyage to Adelaide left Bremen on 24 Oct 1848 and arrived in Adelaide on 2 Mar 1849.  She sailed for Batavia on 4 Apr 1849.

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1844 Passenger List

The George Washington sailed in May 1844 with 3 cabin passengers and 181 German emigrants in steerage.  There were 6 deaths and 8 births enroute.  She berthed in Adelaide on 12 Sep 1844.  No official passenger list has been located for George Washington  The following list is based on those which appear on various web sites augmented by information from other references [1,2].

Matthias (Matthew)

Ships Surgeon

Cabin Passengers
Mr H H
Mr E F G
Mr L

Steerage Passengers
Johann Joseph (45) journeyman mason from Schloin, Grunberg, Silesia

Anna Maria nee BAUMANN (41)

.....Johann Karl August (20)

.....Johann Karl Joseph (18)

.....Johanne Eleonore (16)

.....Johanne Christiane (8)

.....Anna Rosina (4)

.....Johann Ernst (4)

.....Anna Dorothea (1½)
BUCHWALD Johann Siegismund, retired farmer from Niebusch

Johanna Dorothea
DECKOW Johann (56) widower
DÜHRING (30) from Kottbus, Brandenburg


.....daughter (6)

.....Hermann (2½)

.....Paul (1½)
DÜHRING Christian (23) from Niubusch, Freistadt, Silesia
Christian (53) cottager

Anna Elisabeth nee APELT

.....Johann Friedrich Ernst (24)

.....Karl Gottlieb Friedrich (18).
Gottfried (53) cottager from Upper Siegersdorf, Freistadt, Silesia

Dorothea Elisabeth nee FIEDLER (45)

.....Dorothea Elisabeth (22)

.....Karl Gottlieb (18)

.....Maria Dorothea (16).
FIELDER Karl August (25) from Grünberg from Rodstock, Sorau, Brandenburg
GIDDA Anton (26) from Gross-Dammer, near Bentschen.
Johann Gottlieb, gardener (35)

Anna Rosina, nee KOTHE (32)

.....Johanne Christiane (8)
HEPPNER Heinrich, carpenter from Freistadt, Silesia


.....Johanna Eleonore DICKON foster-daughter
HEPPNER Gottfried (56) from Upper Siegersdorf, Freistadt

.....Karl (24)

.....Hermann (16)

.....August (11)
HOFFMANN Ernest August, compass-smith from Freistadt, Silesia


.....Luis (5)
HOFFMANN Johann Georg (ca 1798) tailor from Freistadt, Silesia

Anna Elizabeth nee JAETNER

.....Carl (ca 1826)
  .....female child
  .....Johann Gottlieb (1829)
  .....Friedrich Ernst (ca 1833)
  .....Anna Elizabeth (1835)
  .....Johanna Lydia (1840)
  .....Johannes (ca 1843)
IRRGANG Johann Gottlieb, day-labourer (43)

Dorothea nee SCHMIDT (33) from Christianstadt, Sorau, Brandenburg

.....Johanne Auguste (13)

.....Emma Pauline (6)
Johanna Rosina nee KRAUSE (34) widow from Upper Siegersdorf, Freistadt, Silesia

.....Wilhelm Gustav (5)

.....Johanna Christiane (4)
KAHL Karl Gottlieb (42) from Grünberg, Silesia


.....Karl (19)

.....Johann (11)
KÄTHNER Johann Gottlieb (ca 1801) teacher from Schoin, Grünberg, Silesia

Johanna Eleonora nee HERMANN (ca 1808)

.....Johanne Juliane Friedrike (ca 1829)

.....Maria Florentine (ca 1832)

.....Johann Hermann (ca 1835)

.....Maria (ca 1836)

.....Luise Ernestine (ca 1839)
KLEMM [1,4]
Gottfried (44) from Kuschten near Bentschen, Bomst, Posen


.....daugher (20)

.....son (16)

.....son (14)

.....daugher (10)
KLOSE Samuel (42) from Schloin, Silesia

Maria Elisabeth nee KRAUSE

.....Johanna Rosina (14)

.....Johanne Eleanore (8)

.....Johann Gottlieb (5)
KROLLIG Johann (37) from Kuschten near Bentschen

Marianna nee Steinkow

.....Juliane (2½)

.....Marianna Mathilde (½)
KRÜGER (34) from Kottbus, Zullichau, Brandenburg


.....Karl (9)

.....Gustav (5)

.....Theodor (4)
KRAUSE Johann Karl, gardener's son, from Seiffersdorf.
KUTSCHKE Thomas (45) from Kuschten near Bentschen


.....Ludwig (16)

.....daughters (20 and 10)
LAUTERBACH Gottfried, coachman from Langhermsdorf, Freistadt, Silesia

Eva Rosina nee LAUTERBACH

.....Joahnn Karl Friedrich

.....Eva Rosina

.....Anna Maria
Johann Friedrich, cottager from Seiffersdorf, Freistadt, Silesia

.....Dorothea Elisabeth, nee JENTSCH

.....Johann Gottlob
.....Dorothea Elisabeth
LINDNER Johann Gottlieb, smith (39) from Guschau, Sorau, Brandenburg

Dorothea Elisabeth, nee SCHÜTZ (42)

.....Johanne Christiane (10)

.....Karl Traugott (8)

.....Johann Gottlieb (5)

.....Ernst August (1½)
Carl Gottlieb (35)

Johanna Helene nee BARTSCH (43)

.....Johanna Elenore (15)

.....Anna Rosina (10)

.....Carl Friedrich (4)

.....Johann Traugott (2)
Ernst Wilhelm, nailsmith apprentice (24), from Grünberg. Silesia.
Simon (28) from Gross Dammer near Bentschen, Bornst, Posen

Franziska nee PAWELSKI (28)
Johann Friedrich (39) coachman from Langhermsdorf, Friestadt, Silesia

Anna Elisabeth nee REIGER

.....Karl Friedrich Ernst

.....Johanne Juliane

.....Johann Friedrich Wilhelm

.....Johanne Elisabeth

.....Johann Friedrich
PFEIFFER Samuel, lodger (72) from Langhermsdorf, Freistadt, Silesia

.....Johanne Eleonore (28)
PINETZKI (46) from Gross-Dammer near Bentschen

.....Andreas (20)
PINTER Mathaus Wilhelm (20) from Kottbus, Zullichau, Brandenburg.
PRZIBILLA Mathess (38) from Gross-Dammer near Bentschen

Constance Regine nee GIENIEZKY (38)

.....Andreas (9)

.....Antonia (3)
SCHENK Wilhelm (40)


.....Ernst (15)
SCHNEIDER Johann Christof , master wheelwright (27) from Christianstadt, Sorau, Züllichau

Ernestine Philippine nee WALTER (26)

.....Johann Gottlieb (1)
SCHRAPEL Johann Gottlieb (50) farmer, formerly brick-moulder from Friedersdorf, Sorau, Züllichau

Maria Dorothea nee SCHEFLER (49)

.....Johann Gottlieb (19)

.....Johann Friedrich August (17)

.....Johann Traugott (14)

.....Johanna Elenore (12)

.....Maria Dorothea (9)
SCHULZ Johann Georg, gardener from Steinborn, Freistadt, Silesia

Helene Johanna nee JENTSCH
SCHULZ Johann Karl Erdmuth, gardener (24) from Steinborn, Freistadt, Silesia

Johanne Elisabeth nee GROSSMANN
SEIDEL Christian Friedrich (46) share farmer from Schloin, Grünberg, Silesia

Anna Elisabeth nee SCHULZ (46)

.....Maria Elisabeth (21)

.....Johanne Rosina (18)

.....Johann Karl Heinrich (16)

.....Johanne Eleonore (13)

.....Christian (10)

.....Anna Elisabeth (8)

.....Johanne Dorothea (4)

.....Johanne Auguste (1)
SPORN Johann Friedrich (1786) coachman from Seiffersdorf, Freistadt, Silesia

Marie Elisabeth nee JENTSCH

.....Johanna Helena (1816)

.....Joahnn Friedrich (1825)
STANITZKI Nikolaus (1804) from Gross Dammer near Bentschen, Bomst, Posen

Rosalie nee OLENICZOCK (1808)

.....Tekla (1838)

.....Johanne Juliane Auguste (1839)

.....Anton Friedrich (1843)
STILLER Johann Samuel (40) day-labourer from Nismenau, Sorau, Züllichau

Johanne Karoline nee SCHRAPEL (27) daughter of Johann Gottlieb

.....Johann Gottlieb (5)
.....Johanne Christiane (3)
STUMANN (57) from Kottbus, Züllichau


.....3 daughters (24, 22, 17)

.....2 sons (9 and 6)
Johann Friedrich (40) from Brunzelwaldau, Freistadt, Silesia


.....two daughters
Lorenz (46) from Gross Dammer, near Bentschen, Bomst, Posen

Petronella nee STEINKOW (42)

.....Margaretha (18)

.....Marianne (16)

.....Theresa (10)

.....Johann Karl (6)

.....Simeon (3)
Henrich Wilhelm Alexander, burgher and linen-weaver (29) from Christianstadt, Sorau, Züllichau

Johanne Ernestine nee SCHRAPEL (23) daughter of Johann Gottlieb

.....Simeon Nathaniel (6 months)
WALTER Johanne Christiane (60) mother of Henrich Alexander
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Newspaper Reports

The South Australian Register

Saturday, 14 September, 1844

The George Washington, from Bremen, on the 23rd of May, with one hundred and eighty-one German emigrants, arrived here on Thursday last.
Not having put in at Plymouth, as was originally expected, this vessel brinys only a few English letters, ttansmitted to the South Australian Company's agent in Germany, a few days before she left.
Of the contents of. these letters, the following are such particulars of general interest as we have been able to obtain.
The Sans Pareille had arrived at Leith, and the Madras was in tbe Thames on the 17th of May, but had not got into the docks.
Neither the John Hayes nor the Yare had sailed, hut both would be ready to start for this port early in the month of June.
The wool brought home by the vessels of the last season would be in good time for the next wool sales, which were fixed for June, and, although the quantity to be brought forward was large, it was fully expected that the February prices would be maintained.
The quotations of oil, bone, and bark, were as follows :— Sperm oil, £73 to £75
per tun ; head matter, £75 to £78 per tun ; southern pale oil £28 10s. to £30 per tun ; dark ditto £27 to £28 per tun ; southern
bone, bought in, at £195 to £198; bark was realising £9 to £9 10s.
This vessel brings out fifteen fine combing rams, of excellent quality, twelve of which are sent to Mr Giles for the Company, and three to Mr Forster, on Mr Angas's account. From the care bestowed on them, they have
all arrived safe.
Letters from London speak of some of the arrivals from Germany being small capitalists, but we cannot speak to this from our own knowledge. Most of them we know are of the labouring classes, and, as the harvest is approaching, they will, we trust, be found a valuable addition to our labour market.
From letters addressed to the Company in London, by their agent, Mr Swaine, in Hamburgh, the spirit of emigration to South Australia is again reviving in Germany and a large West Indiaman. it seems, is to be despatched with another cargo of emigrants
in the month of September or October.
No reasonable prospect, these letters say, exists of any revival of free emigration this season, and yet the news on the whole is
far from discouraging.
Of papers, or political news, by this arrival, there is a complete dearth.

The George Washington, arrived on Thursday last, brings one hundred and eighty-one steerage, and two cabin passengers. Six deaths occurred on the voyage, viz., three adults and three children. there were also eight births. We understand the passengers present a very clean and respectable appearance. One of them became deranged at an early stage of the passage; and, we are sorry to say, he still continues in that melancholy state.

The Adelaide Observer

Saturday, 14 September, 1844

The George Washington from Germany.

This splendid ship, formerly an American Liner, 461 tons register, now commanded by Capt. Probst, arrived on Thursday the 12th instant, from Bremen, under consignment to H.C. Stakemane, Esq., with 3 cabin and 184 steerage passengers, consisting of 52 Adult males, 40 Adults Females, 45 Boys and 50 Girls = 187.

Three adults and three children died during the passage, and eight births occurred. The emigrants are from several different parts of Germany, but the greater part from Mecklenburgh, Bremen, Holstein, East Prussia, and the Polish Frontier. The appear to be very able-bodied and orderly set, and are in excellent spirits. They consist principally of the agricultural classes, with "a sprinkling" of smiths and other handicraftsmen, and a good proportion of young men and women fit for domestic service.

The passage (a remarkably fine one) was accomplished in great harmony, without any casualty save those above described, and in the short space of 108 days from port to port. The George Washington left Bremen on the 29th May, and not having touched at any port in the British Channel does not bring a direct English Mail; but by the kindness of the consignee we have been furnished with London papers to the 17th May

The Southern Australian

Tuesday, 17 September, 1844

SEPTEMBER 12.-- The ship George Washington, 461 tons, Probst, from Bremen. Passengers-Mr Mundil, Mr Behr, and Mr Harzen, in the cabin ; and 180 German emigrants in the steerage.

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References and Notes

[1] Statten J (ed.) Biographical Index of South Australians 1836-1885 South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society: Adelaide, 1886.
[2] Thomas J (ed.) South Australians 1836-1885 South Australian Genealogy and Heraldry Society: Adelaide, 1990 .
[3] The web site of Di Cummings (Bound for South Australia)
[4] This Gottfried Klemm maybe confused with Johann Gottfried Klemm who arived on the Gellert in 1847?  His and his childrens' ages are similar.


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