Lehmann Henschke - Person Sheet
Lehmann Henschke - Person Sheet
Birthca 1824
Death14 Dec 1870, Near Truro, SA61078,61079 Age: 46
OccupationFounder Of Stockwell, SA
South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) Thursday 15 December 187061079

Truro. December 14.
Mr. Samuel Stockwell, a respected settler
here of over twenty years' standing, com-
mitted suicide this morning by blowing his
brains out with a gun. His body was found
at 8 o'clock, and an inquest will be held
this afternoon.

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) Friday 16 December 187061080

An inquest was held on the afternoon of
December 14, at Mr. E. Thamm's Pine Hut,
about four miles from Truro, on the body of
Samuel Stockwell. bv Mr. Thomas Scott. J.P..
with Mr. J. Morphett as Foreman. Samuel
Stockwell, jun., son of deceased, living near
Pine Hut, deposed that deceased threatened to
blow his brains out yesterday afternoon. This
morning at breakfast gave me a small bag (pro
duced), containing 1s. 6d., and said he
would try to put the pole in the
wagon by the time I watered the
horses. On returning, I could not see
him. Went to several of the nearest neighbours
to enquire, but none had seen him. When I
returned to our place found the powder and
caps removed and the gun gone. Thomas Baird
and myself searched, but could not find him.
Went then to Truro for the police. By Fore
man—Do not think he was out of his mind.
Had no intoxicating drink. Was quite calm
when he said he would put the pole in.
Think my father was greatly depressed at
having various bills to meet and seeing
tbat his crops would be a failure.
Mary Ann McAskill, daughter of James
McAskill, farmer, residing on the adjoining
section to deceased, said — About half-past 7
this morning, coming from my uncle's place
(Mr. Simpson) saw a man lying under a tree
near the roadside, on the Government Reserve.
When I passed Baird's place Mr. Baird asked
whether I had seen my friend Mr. Stockwell.
Had not seen him, but told Baird of having
seen a man lying under a tree whom I did not
know. Saw some blood near his head. Was
too frightened to go close. By Foreman— Was
on his knees when I saw him. Passed about
two yards from where he was lying.
His hat was in the middle of the pathway.
Thomas Spencer deposed — Am working for
Messrs. McCall & McGeachie, near the Govern-
ment Reserve. Heard a gun report about '20
minutes to 6 a.m., in the direction of Mr.
Baird's. Some time after Baird and Neild rode
over and said Stockwell was lying dead under a
tree. Went with them and identified the corpse.
Noticed a gun near him. By Foreman— The
end of the gun was on the ground, resting
between his arms. Thomas Baird, farmer,
said — Was standing with D. Neild at my
door, when Miss McAskill came down the road',
saying there was a man lying under a tree on
the Government Reserve, with blood about him.
Neild and I rode to the spot as quickly as
possible, and found Stockwell dead. Neild
then went for the trooper. Heard from
deceased's son before we found the body that
he was missing. Believe the gun produced to
be one that was lying near his body. Had not
seen him since last Monday. Think he was
sometimes of late out of his mind. David
Neild corroborated, adding— Saw Trooper Jones
about Binning's coming with young Stockwell
from Truro, to look for his father. Told them
he was found dead. Samuel Stockwell recalled.
By Trooper— Identify the gun as my father's,
also hat, and believe shot made hole through it.
Police-trooper Jones, sworn, stated that de-
ceased's son at the station asked me
to go with him to search, as his
father would likely commit suicide. The
body was lying on the knees and side.
Found a double-barrelled gun partly under him,
and the right barrel had been recently dis
charged. Believe the gun had been held by the
right hand to the head, and the forked stick
produced served for pressing back the trigger
by the left hand. The contents must have gone
through the head, entering at the right on the
forehead and out at the left side behind.
When the shot was fired the body must have
been in a standing position. The Jury, after
a little consideration, returned a verdict to the
effect the deceased committed suicide by shoot-
ing himself through the head.
ChildrenWilliam (ca1846-1900)
Birthca 1822
Immigration1839, ‘Singapore’61081 Age: 17
Death1 Jun 1902, Stockwell, SA61082,61081,61083 Age: 80
FatherFOLLETT, Robert (1793-1840)
MotherHARRIS, Mary (1793-1878)
Marriage31 Mar 1852, Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, SA61084
ChildrenSamuel (1853-1929)
 Julia (ca1854-1930)
 George (Died as Child) (1855-1866)
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