James Moad and Annie Ursula Oates
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Wedding of James Moad and Annie
      Ursula Oates    James Moad was born at Spring Hill, NSW on 19 July 1874, the son of Arthur Moad and Mary Ann (nee Ward); he was fourth of fifteen children.
   On 18 September 1901, James married Annie Ursula Oates in Millthorpe, NSW.  Annie was born in Millthorpe, NSW on 5 May 1878, the daughter of Thomas Oates and Elizabeth (nee Thomas); she was the eighth of a family of eleven.
   James was a farmer and grazier at "Fairfield" (-1936) then at "Spring Grove" near Millthorpe, NSW (1936-1943).  He was at one time president of the Millthorpe Agricultural Society.  He was also a member of the Farmers and Graziers Society and the Potato Growers Council of NSW.  James was a councilor and served as president of Conoblas Shire Council [3].  Two streets in Orange are named after him.
   Annie was active in the Red Cross Society and the Country Womens Association.  She was also known for her crochet.
   James was an active sportsman.  He played cricket as a young man.  He also played tennis and built his own tennis court.  In later life he took up golf.  He was also a keen gardener.
   James and Annie had six children - Millicent Mary, James Kenneth, Richard Thomas (died as infant), Arthur Roy, Ursula Elizabeth (Bessie) and Harold Edward.
   James died in Millthorpe, NSW aged 68 on 1 January1943.   Annie died in Millthorpe, NSW aged 73 on 7 March 1952.  Both are buried in the Methodist section of the Millthorpe cemetery.  

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The Land (Sydney, NSW) 
Friday 8 January 1943

Death of F.S.A. Pioneer

The death occurred at Orange last Friday, at the age of 68, of Mr. James Moad, of Sprlngrove, Millthorpe, one of the pioneer members
of the local branch of the Farmers and Settlers' Association and a life member of the Association. The late Mr. Moad was an original member of the Potato Growers' Council and when the council was re-formed and it became an elected body he was elected to represent
growers in the western district. He leaves a widow, three sons and two daughters.


Pedigree of James Moad

Pedigree of James Moad
(truncated to 5 generations)

Pedigree or Mary Ann Ward

Pedigree of Annie Ursula Oates
(truncated to 5 generations)

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References and Notes

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[3] Orange and District Illustrated (facsimile of first edition published in 1928) Orange City Council: Orange, NSW, 1989 (pp 95, 6).  A photo of the members of the current (1928) Conoblas Shire Council, including that of James Moad as an inset, appears on page 96.

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