Moad Oates - Person Sheet
Moad Oates - Person Sheet
NameJACOBS, Isaac Abraham
Birth23 Mar 1823, Wenhaston Suffolk879,3755
Death29 Mar 1889, Kelso, NSW879,3755,3756 Age: 66
BurialWattle Flat, NSW879
FatherJACOBS, John (ca1786-)
MotherKNIGHT, Mary (1790-)
Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904) Sat 30 Mar 18893756

Magisterial Inquiry.

On Thursday afternoon an inquiry was held, at
Kelso, before J. B. Dulhunty, Esq., J.P., touching
the death of a man named Isaac Jacobs, who had
been living in Rutherford's lane, and who was found
dead in a paddock near his residence.
Thomas Ablen deposed : I was going up for a load
of wood in Hereford paddock, this morning, when I
saw a dray and a horse standing in the paddock ; I
went up to the dray and looked about, but could
not see anyone ; I then went on, and saw the body
of a man on the ground, about 80 yards from the
dray ; I only looked at the body, but did not get off
my dray to examine him ; I then went back to
Mr. Rutherford's, and told a woman that there
was a man lying dead in the paddock ; I know
deceased well, but, as I did not go very close to him,
I did not recognise him ; he was lying on his back ;
I did not examine deceased, because I am very timid
of dead men.
Margaret Jacobs deposed : I am wife of deceased ;
he left home this morning to get a load of wood from
the paddocks ; when he left home he was complain-
ing of internal pains ; he had been up during the
night ; I tried to persuade him not to go to work but
as he had borrowed a horse to draw the wood he
would not stop ; he did not come home to dinner and
I was beginning to feel anxious, but my son said
very likely he had stopped on the road to have a
yarn ; just then a man on the road called out to us
that there was a man dead in Hereford paddocks ;
about eighteen months ago he had a bad fit and has
not been quite well since.
By Dr. Bassett : He had not seen any doctor for
one year ; when he saw Dr. Machattie twelve months
ago he was told that his heart was affected ; he was
about 60 years of age and was a native of Suffolk,
Senior-Constable Sutton, of Bathurst Mounted
Police, deposed : About one o'clock this afternoon,
from information received, I went with three men
and a waggonette to bring the dead body from the
paddock ; I found the body lying on the back with
the right leg drawn up ; I examined the body but
could not find any marks of violence ; I then ex-
amined the ground and I saw tracks where a horse
and dray had been standing ; there was an axe and a
piece of wood within eight feet of the body of de-
also a whip and hames were lying next to the body ;
there was nothing broken about the dray ; there was
no sign of any struggle having taken place ; I then
followed the track of the dray and found that the
near wheel had passed within three inches of the  
right foot of deceased ; the horse had broken away
from the dray, the shafts were on the ground and
the wood had shifted from the dray down on to the
shafts, but had not broken them ; the cart was 80
yards from the body ; from the appearance I believe
that deceased had been doing something to the
harness when he had fallen down, and the dray had
moved on.
Dr. Bassett deposed : I have made a post mortem
examination of the body of deceased ; I found no
evidence of any external injury ; I found the right
lung completely disorganised, with evidence of recent
pneumonia ; there was a good deal of fatty deposit
about the heart ; in my opinion the cause of death
was disease of the lung and the condition of the
Finding — "That deceased died from disease of
the lungs and the bad condition of his heart."
Birth9 Dec 1818, Hawkesbury, NSW3757
Death3 Apr 1895, Gosford, NSW3758 Age: 76
MemoMary CRAFT
MotherROWE, Sarah (1799-)
ChildrenIsaac Henry (1847-1929)
Birth5 Nov 1832, County Cavan, Ireland879,3759
Immigration15 Jan 1840, ‘Crusader’3759 Age: 7
Death20 Jun 1915, Bathurst, NSW879,3759 Age: 82
Burial22 Jun 1915, Church Of England Cemetery, Wattle Flat, NSW879,3760
FatherCAMPBELL, James (1799-1877)
MotherCAMPBELL, Margaret (1799-1876)
Marriage9 Aug 1848, St Andrew Presbyterian Church, Sydney, NSW879
ChildrenSarah Anne (1849-1928)
 Isaac C (1852-)
 Caroline Isobella (ca1852-1897)
 William Henry (1855-1929)
 John Arthur (1857-1936)
 James Hamilton (1859-1928)
 Mary E (1861-1862)
 Jace (1863-)
 Emily Jane (1866-)
 Susan Olive (1866-1950)
 Thomas A (1868-1875)
 Ernest Alfred C (1871-1932)
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