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The Bengalee: 3 mast barque of 354 tons (om)
Scottish Merchantman built at Dumbarton in 1837 owned by Hamlin and Company, Greenock, Scotland.

departed Hamburg on Tuesday, 10 Jul 1838
arrived at Holdfast Bay, SA on Friday, 16 Nov 1838 and Port Adelaide on 19 Nov 1838
departed for Batavia on 27 Feb 1939

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Passenger List

The Bengalee departed Hamburg on Tuesday, 10 July 1838 with 10 cabin passengers and 23 other immigrants on board.  She arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia on Tuesday, 19 November 1839.  There were 2 deaths during the voyage.  The passenger list below is based on that that appears in David Schubert's Kavel's People[1].   This is, in part, based on an official list compiled by the emigration agent, R.V. Swaine, in Hamburg.

In the period between November 1838 and January 1839 approximately 200 German immigrants arrived in Port Adelaide, South Australia.  They were religious refugees sponsored by George Fife Angas and under the leadership of  Pastor August Kavel.   The first to arrive were on the Prince George and the supply ship Bengalee which left in July 1838, arriving at Port Adelaide in November.  Further immigrants arrived on the Zebra which left in August and arrived in December 1838 and the Catharina which left in September and arrived in January 1839.  Their story is recounted in David Schubert's Kavel's People[1].

The Bengalee was principally a supply ship.
HAMLIN [1,5] Thomas

Cabin Passengers
Hermann Marno Karsten (1811)
Franz Sophius Ferdinand (1814)
BOTH [1,5]
Johann Heinrich (1798)

Joachime Georgine Jiliane Meta nee ALDENHOVEN (1808)

.....Johann Christian Heinrich (1828)

.....Anna Margaretha Petrine (1830)

.....Johanne Margaretha Emma (1833)

.....Carl Christian Wilhelm (ca 1835, died on voyage)

.....Fritz Christian Marno (ca 1838, died on voyage)
Dr (died on voyage)

Steerage Passengers
Johann Wilhelm Eduard (20)
Johann (Hans) (died on voyage) (72)

.....Johann Christian (32)
KNISPEL [1,5] Johann Gottfried (son of Johann above) (42)

Anna Rosina nee PFEIFFER (41)

.....Anna Dorothea (16)

.....Johann Christian (14)

.....Johann Gottfried (9)

.....Johanne Luise (7)

.....Johanne Eleonore (2)
RAU [1] Christian (19)
THOMAS [1,5] Ernst August (24)
WARMBRUNN [1,5] Friedrich Traugott (35)

.....Traugott Hermann (6)

Luise Auguste (nee SAGITZ) (31)

.....Juliane Maria (4)

.....Traugott Christian Emmanuel (2)

.....Paul Johannes Daniel (4 months)
WEBER [1] Christian (51)
ZILM [1,5] Johann Christian (39)

Anna Dorothea (nee Mattiske) (28)

.....Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (10)

.....Johann Friedrich (7)

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Newspaper Reports

South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register (Adelaide, SA)

Saturday, 17 November, 1838

November 16. - The Bengalee, 346 tons, from Hamburgh, with provisions and about thirty Emigrants.

Saturday, 24th November 1838

November 16 - The BENGALEE, 346 tons, Thomas Hamlin, master, from Hamburgh : - 100 tierces beef, 480 barrels pork, 400 barrels flour, 38 casks bread, 60 kegs tongues, 2 casks hams, 8 casks pearl barley, 102 boxes glassware, 1 box looking glasses, 57 packages furniture, 40,000 bricks, 50 planks, 700 boxes cheese.

Southern Australian (Adelaide, SA)

Saturday, 24th November 1838 [1]

It affords us great pleasure to announce the arrival in our harbour of a thorough 'I'EMPERANCE SHIP. The Bengalee, Capt. HAMLIN, sails without wine, beer, or grog! and not only does Capt. HAMLIN exert his influence, but by his example he contributes to the maintenance of the principle he has laid down. The ship Bengalee is a credit to all connected with her; her hands are strong, healthy, manly fellows, thorough specimens of British sailors, and they have already discharged more cargo since then' arrival in the Colony than any three vessels that have yet visited us. We sincerely hope the temptations which will he held out al the Port to induce these brave fellows to indulge in excess will he successfully resisted, and for the credit of the Colony we hope their own efforts will be seconded by those who will come in contact with them whilst at the Port.

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